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“Let It Go! God’s Got It!”

Beloved, there is a message that is echoing loudly from the heavens. “LET IT GO! GOD’S GOT IT!”

God is in the process of Blessing His people in ways this world has never seen. It’s not a time to walk in strife like those who don’t know God. It is time to walk in love, as God is Love. It’s time to walk in the Promises of God. He is releasing them into our lives, even as I speak. We are Kings of God’s Kingdom. We don’t argue and strive with people. We declare God’s Word and let Him do the work.

So, let go of people the things that did not work out the way you planned. God is about to deal with them all. This is His Season of Judgment. God will give unto every man what he has earned in this hour. Don’t interfere with the judgment of God. There are things going on behind the scene, that you know not of. Even wicked and rebellious men are working for the God of Heaven whom they hate. You just declare the Word that God had given you to speak. Then speak it, and live it in the presence of your enemies. God will bring it to pass no matter what men have tried to do to stop Him.

Know this. God cannot be stopped. Mankind is not big enough to stop Him. Keep walking in the purpose. Keep praising and lifting up the Lord of Hosts and He will demonstrate Himself as the King of Glory, walking in all the power of heaven in your situation.

You have heard it say to “let go, and Let God.” Today the Lord would have you, “Let it go. God’s Got it!” Just get ready to receive the mighty Wealth Transfer that is about to explode in our midst. You must let people and things go, in order to receive. Don’t worry about your enemies. God will deal with them straightaway. They are not getting away with anything. Just keep your hands and hearts clean to receive the Blessing and not the Curse in this season.

All is well. God’s got your back. You can never fail because The Greater One is In You!

God Is Shifting Billions Of Dollars Around The Globe

The Holy Spirit placed this message in my spirit to deliver to the Body of Christ.

Here is the quote from my latest book entitled, The Rise And Fall Of The Babylonian Church In America

“Now, I am hearing something so strong in my spirit, that I have to speak. God is in the process of placing his people in the “billionaire’s circle.” It’s not about us. It’s about his plan to go into the world. This is final stretch of the relay in the great commission that Jesus gave his church. We are at “the end of the last days.” There is so much to be done, that the Lord has no choice, but to place the world’s wealth in the hands of his people. This is what God is trying to get the church to understand, but if you are looking at the successful preachers as your goal, you have already missed God. People of God, stretch your faith and your obedience. God is about to drop the “Fatherload” of wealth and power upon those who will honor him with their substance. Thank God for the remnant of believers who are willing and obedient to the call of taking back people and territory for the Kingdom . . . God has big plans for anyone who would yield to his plan and let his Spirit lead them to his perfect will. For those who think they have seen the best the world has to offer, you’re right. This is all the world can offer, but the Kingdom of God is about to unleash some of the greatest inventions ever known to man. We are going produce luxury products that the world could never conceive . . . The Spirit of God will supernaturally draw all men to God the Father, through every facet of our human existence. It will be God unleashed, in all of His Glory! If you want to be part of this Kingdom Restoration, don’t go after riches. Don’t go after influence. Go after God and his Kingdom plan for your life, and all of these things will be richly added to your life in abundance!”

“Supernatural Provision Is A Necessity,” Says God

Beloved, we have entered into the final battle of this earth, before Jesus returns.  It is the time in which the Lord says, “Supernatural Provision is a necessity.” The battle between good and evil has intensified. No longer can mere men afford to intermingle with the powers of darkness. This is the hour for God’s people to choose: If God is the true and living God, then serve him. If Satan is, then follow him; but whatever you do, get off of the fence of life. Here is what God is showing to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

There is a time coming upon America where the only provision will be supernatural provision. Today we are plenteous, but soon it will change. Imagine an America where there is no food. It sounds preposterous, yet, the Spirit of God has been telling his people to get ready to experience famine in the United States.  Now, imagine an America where businesses fold because fear of terrorism. While that may not be such a stretch of imagination, God has a plan for his people to overcome terrorism. God is not telling us how or when it will happen, only that is shall happen according to his word. How soon? We don’t know. He is telling us to seek his face now for instructions. 

Some of you might be asking, “What about the wealth transfer and those teaching about money coming to the Body of Christ?” Those things are indeed happening while we speak, but not for the reason most people thought. Mention money or wealth, and American Christians think about stuff; cars, homes, clothes and the like. But, God has another plan. The wealth has to do with our covenant, so the wealth must be used to worship God. How? By doing with the wealth what he has commanded us. Too many people were thinking about themselves, but God had his mind upon these last days, when provision would be scarce and he needed the wealth in the hands of those who will take care of the people. It’s about demonstrating the Blessing in the earth; being fruitful (in God’s purpose), and multiplying that effort around the world, while replenishing everything the earth and its people need. That is why wealth is being transferred. It’s about standing in the face of terrorism boldly in the power of God’s might. Whatever God says do, do it! Whatever God says to speak, speak it! Do as David did and take that Goliath down! Do this and watch and see the supernatural protection of God show up. It is as simple as this: Who Do You Believe? God, or The Evil That Stands Before You?

People of God, ARISE AND SHINE, even in the face of gross darkness. OBEY GOD, and in righteousness you shall stand far from oppression for you will not fear; and far from terrorism for it shall not come near you (Isaiah 54:14). NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST AMERICA SHALL PROSPER!

Wealth Transfer Has A Clear Purpose And A Warning

The Spirit of God has much to say about the wealth transfer in this season of “open doors.” He is transferring wealth even as we speak. This wealth will be lavished upon the people of God solely for a covenant purpose that will bring honor and praise to God. Many will receive wealth, but like those who died in the wilderness, how quickly they will build their golden calves and go back to serving idols (Deuteronomy 32:7-35). They would have forgotten the Lord, their God who gave them power to get wealth. Some may even lose their very lives in destruction; all because they got the wealth and took the glory for themselves. This will be the end of those who would forsake the God who blessed them.  Here is the scripture the Lord gave to explain more:

“Make sure you don’t forget God, your God, by not keeping his commandments, his rules and regulations that I command you today. Make sure that when you eat and are satisfied, build pleasant houses and settle in, see your herds and flocks flourish and more and more money come in, watch your standard of living going up and up—make sure you don’t become so full of yourself and your things that you forget God, your God, . . . If you start thinking to yourselves, “I did all this. And all by myself. I’m rich. It’s all mine!”—well, think again. Remember that God, your God, gave you the strength to produce all this wealth so as to confirm the covenant that he promised to your ancestors—as it is today. If you forget, forget God, your God, and start taking up with other gods, serving and worshiping them, I’m on record right now as giving you firm warning: that will be the end of you; I mean it—destruction. You’ll go to your doom—the same as the nations God is destroying before you; doom because you wouldn’t obey the Voice ofGod, your God.”  Deuteronomy 8:11-20 The Message



The Door To Wealth Transfer Will Open Out Of Fear

The Spirit of The Lord showed me things that are occurring in the realm of the spirit; things I cannot explain, but surely things that are to come upon our land. I am not permitted to tell what I saw, but suffice it to say, many Americans, including the church reacted in fear. It was a level of fear we have never experienced, yet the Hand of God was in the matter. How? I do not know other than to say that something is about to happen. God is permitting it to happen in order to bring the church and the nation “back to their right minds.” God’s Kingdom order is about to step on the scene to take charge and balance the scales of justice “God’s way.” This has everything to do with the wealth transfer God’s people are expecting during this season. There are many people talking about a wealth transfer, but few understand why the transferred must occur. “This is the appointed season of God’s justice; a day of vengeance of Our Lord. This is about God hearing the cries of his people and remembering and honoring his covenant with them (Exodus 2:23-25).”

The wealth transfer is upon us, but it won’t come like people expect. People don’t just hand over their money and possessions unless provoked by the Spirit of God. It is clear throughout the Bible that people gave of their possessions when provoked by the fear of God (Acts 2:43). Search the scriptures. Anytime there was a wealth transfer in the Bible, it was God bringing justice to those who were oppressed. When God moved to free his people, it caused fear to come upon every soul and they gave what they had to the people of God. Here are some examples. Two kings (Pharaoh and Abimelech) gave cattle, oxen and servants to Abraham because they tried to take his wife Sarah for themselves. God brought plagues upon Pharaoh’s house (Genesis 12:14-20).  God appeared to Abimelech (Genesis 20) in a dream. Both kings were demanded to let Sarah go free because she was Abraham’s (the covenanted prophet of God) wife. Another example was when God released the children of Israel from slavery by sending plagues upon Egypt. Pharaoh had to let the people go, but not before God had them plunder the wealth of the Egyptians. In addition to gaining wealth, God brought them out in good health because there was no feeble one among them (Psalm 105:37-38).

Beloved, God is about to allow terror to come upon the oppressors of His people. The people will be set free but they won’t leave empty handed. God will heal and deliver them and bring them out into their wealthy place.