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Take Dominion Over Every Situation With The Word Of God!

Here is a WORD FROM GOD For His People!

If things are not lining up with what God has told you. Don’t doubt The Word, TAKE DOMINION! God is not a man. He cannot lie (Numbers 23:19). So if things are not obeying the word, TAKE DOMINION OVER THAT THING! Make it obey the Word!

What about free will, you might ask? THINGS DON’T HAVE FREEDOM OF WILL. We are the Sons of God. God gave us DOMINION over everything on this earth (Genesis 1:24).  Everything belongs to God (Psalm 24:1), therefore as heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus (Romans 8:16-7), ALL THINGS BELONG TO US!

If all things belong to the Sons of God, then all things are freely given to us on earth for our pleasure (I Timothy 6:17). So, if things are not obeying what God says, then God is not pleased and neither are we. Just as our obedience brings pleasure to God (Hebrews 11:6), so does the obedience of everything under our dominion.

What if a person is holding the thing that belongs to me? God forbids us from taking dominion over another. This is the sin of WITCHCRAFT. Just keep calling for THE THING and let God deal with the person. THE THING HAS TO OBEY GOD. Pray that the person obeys, but don’t let go of what God says is yours.

Whatever God has commanded for you is in your control. BIND UP whatever is working against what God has said. Then, LOOSE THE WILL OF HEAVEN for that thing. This is our key to obtaining everything in God’s Kingdom (Matthew 16:19). Then, Call those things that be not (in your situation), as if they are, BECAUSE if God said it, THEY ARE in heaven.

Jesus told us to pray. “Thy Kingdom Come, They Will Be Done, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN (Matthew 6:10).” We make Heaven happen on earth by binding and loosing and by calling forth what God commands in this earth.

Do THIS, and then witness how All things will work together for your good, because you love (obey) God and are called according to His Purpose (Romans 8:28).” Things must obey you, when you speak what God Speaks.



“Take Dominion,” Says God

Beloved, the Lord has sounded the alarm for his people to


It is time to stand in your authority in obedience to what God has commanded you to do. Do not fear the enemy. Do not fear the circumstances that look overwhelming. God’s word is true. It will come to pass if you are willing and obedient to what he has commanded you. God is your source of information and provision in this hour. Do not heed the voice of anyone other than the Holy Spirit. Avoid deception. Listen to the Spirit of Truth and he will guide you into all truth and he will show you things to come.

It is time to “TAKE DOMINION!” Take a stand for the kingdom standing in your authority as righteous men. Walk in holiness. Walk in the spirit (not in the flesh); and you will see God’s word manifest in all his wisdom, honor and blessings for you.

The Battle Is Raging Like A Whirlwind!

Beloved, God has declared 2014 as The Year Of Open Doors For The Body of Christ. Every door is open. The windows of heaven are open. God has opened to his people every resource that heaven allows.  Every weapon in the Lord’s armory is arranged in battle array for your benefit, . . . YET, some of you have attempted to walk through those doors and there has been resistance. Some have even been told that the door is closed to you. HERE IS ADVICE  FROM HEAVEN TO YOU:

“The doors have been open to you.Walk forward in wisdom. Avoid foolishness in this hour. Satan, your adversary has set many adversaries against you.They are standing at the portal of your destiny; the door which I have opened for my glory.They cannot stop you without your permission.Walk through that door, no matter what it looks like. Give no place to the devil. Do not be taken by his deceptions; they are the same deceptions he has used to cause you to stumble in the past.Take dominion and speak my word, heed not the words of the enemy nor be taken by his tactics. My word is true. It will come to pass as I have said.Walk in my wisdom, in my newness of life and you will be empowered to bring destruction upon the enemy, and go through that open door to possess the land which I have promised you and your spiritual forefathers before you. Now is the time to depose the giants in the land and take your rightful places as heirs, as my heirs to my kingdom that will rule and reign on earth.” 

There you have it straight from heaven. The doors are open. Don’t be duped by the enemy. Don’t let him scare you with his evil words and tactics. Don’t be distracted in this hour, not even by the Super Bowl. There is a bitter battle going on that is far more important. The outcome of which will determine whether you succeed in life, or die on the battle field. Take what God gave you and take it by force. Put the devil under your foot. Walk all over him if you have to, but keep walking through that open door. Lay hold of all the goodness and mercy God said would follow you all the days of your life. Those good days start today . . . if you are willing to obey!