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What About Year 2018?

Almighty God is calling 2018  “A Great Day Of Prosperity For The Body Of Christ.”

PROSPERITY has been poured out from Heaven. It is A MEGA INCREASE, now to manifest in the fullness of the GREATEST WEALTH TRANSFER this world has ever seen. Everybody and everything will return to it’s original owner (It’s a Jubilee), which is Almighty God (Psalm 24:1).

It’s a grand time of restoration. God’s people will be in charge of everything. The wealth will flourish in their hands, restoring the splendor and grandeur of Heaven all across this earth. This is Royalty At the Finest And Highest Level; a reflection of Heaven upon the earth; the Glory Of God manifested upon the lives of the Sons of God in wealth and power. KINGDOM ROYALTY RETURNS TO THE EARTH!

What about 2017? What happened to the Magnificent Increase prophesied? Why hasn’t manifested in the earth thus far?    “Authority/leadership is out of order,” says God. Rebellion is blocking the flow from Heaven. “There is about to be A CORRECTION.” Destruction is coming to weed out the bad leaders and spring forth the obedient ones. This will be “TRIAL BY FIRE,”  here on earth says God. New leaders will arise to the occasion as bad leaders fall!

It shall be like what happened in the wilderness. Those who refused to obey God, and refused to go in to possess the land — they dropped dead in the wilderness. Only the youth along with Caleb and Joshua went in and possessed their inheritances. So it shall be in this hour. Those who have attempted to stop God’s people from possessing their inheritances will be destroyed if they do not let them go. This is God’s final warning to the wicked! God will have the final word!


“This Is The End, Of The Last Days,” Says God

Beloved, the Lord has declared that this is “The end of the Last Days.” God blames the Babylonian Christian Church for the condition of this world. Not just the church as a whole, but God also blames every single person calling themselves a Christian, but who continues to refuse to obey the will of God. The name of God is blaphemed because of your disobedience. The Lord has commanded many of His People to build arks of protection for these last days. Some were businesses and nonprofits, and schools that would be protected from the violence of these last days. Did they obey? No! Babylon told them that America already has these things. What you failed to recognize it that Babylon is Fallen and it will fail in short order. How will people survive if you have not built that which the Lord commanded? If Joseph had not instructed Pharaoh on how the survive the world-wide famine, all the people of the world would have died. The same is true today. God is shaking both the heavens and the earth. The only things that cannot be shaken, are those things he told you to build (Hebrews 12:25-29). These are the arks of protection, the refuges from the violent storms. “I am sending wealth only to those who will build what I have ordained for the protection of My People” says God. “You thought the wealth was about you building your house when mine has not yet been built. Take care of my business first, and I will make it my business to take care of you in ways you have never known.”

You thought only of yourselves and not of those whom Jesus died for. Your pride and arrogance will be your downfall. You mock the sacrifice of your Lord with your disobedience, AND you place your families, your communities and even the nation in harms way. “When My People disobey,” says, God,“the curse is exceedingly great. It affects the entire world, just like the sin of Adam condemned all mankind to death. But, I came to give you life, and life abundantly and you rejected my abundant eternal life for the meager limitations of man. Repent, for the time of my vengeance is at hand. Clean your hearts and your hands or prepare to experience my wrath, and this is not my final judgement. No. This is only a taste of things to come when my son returns to the earth. That violence and power will be even greater than what I will demonstrate in this hour. Now repent and get about my business in America and in this world. You have much to do and little time in which to complete that which I have ordained for your good since the foundation of the world.”

Hear this and hear it clearly. Almighty God has declared from heaven that “What happens to America, depends upon you, the church.” If innocent blood is spilled on this soil, that blood is on your hands. God gave you this land, and he gave you dominion. “Take a Stand and defend what I have given you,” says the Lord.

“My People Shall Live By The Fruit Of Their Lips,” Says God

Many of God’s people have forgotten that although we are in this world, we cannot operate like those in this world in their manner of corruption.  Judgment looms for the Body of Christ. In a vision, the Lord showed people stepping out in this season of glory. Among them were many who had repeated what they had heard in the media. Specifically, they had repeated the scandals and lies about politicians and other celebrities thinking these words to be truth. These were religious, high-minded Christians who felt the need to pass judgment on those in the public eye. When it came time for their own public unveiling, these same Christians found themselves also publicly scandalized and lied about. It was only then that they realized the fruit of their lips. It was only then that they realized that all they had repeated was a lie; a scheme of that great deceiver, Satan. In their shame, these Christians could not recover. Destinies went unfulfilled and ministries destroyed. There was no glory for them. Here is what the Lord is saying to his people today.

Like many Americans, God’s people “are hooked on media, entertainment and social media. They build shrines in their hearts to media. They relish its sound and swelling great words of vain imaginations. My people have valued media’s words higher than my holy words of power. They speak media’s words in place of my holy words. Life and death are on the power of your tongue and you shall eat the fruit of your lips in this season of My Glory. You shall have what you say, but know this. That this is the hour in which I make all the kingdoms of this world mine. This is the hour in which everything that can be shaken will be shaken, and yet I have given you a kingdom whose words, whose sounds cannot be shaken. Repent my people. For I Am The Almighty and I will give to every man according to his works, whether you heed my words or whether you forbear. I will not be mocked. You shall reap what you have sown.”