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“You Shall Have What You Say,” Says Almighty God

God has a warning for Believers in America, “Be careful of your words,” says Almighty God. “You shall have what you say!” The Lord showed me that in the spirit, we are in a “NEW SEASON.” It’s a season of judgment like none other. I saw our words manifesting in our lives immediately; both the good and the bad.

“The harvest is coming up! For many, TODAY is HARVEST DAY; to reap what you have sown; the words, the plots, the schemes, will manifest for those who speak them, for those who plot and scheme them. Likewise, these words, plots and schemes will not prosper where they are sent.” “No,” says the Omnipotent God of Heaven. “Your words are not like My words, nor your ways as My ways. My words and My ways are greater than yours, and THEY SHALL PROSPER WHERE I SEND THEM. Because your words are against Me, your plots and schemes against My people and My Kingdom, THEY SHALL NOT PROSPER WHERE YOU SEND THEM, however they will prosper in Your Lives. Some of you will see full manifestation immediately, even This Day. With the same measure you have sown, so shall it come back upon your life; even multiplied according to the obedience of my people, it could return to you one thousand times greater than what you have sown.”

“You shall have what you say, about My People. I will Bless those who Bless them and I vowed to curse you who have cursed, plotted and schemed against them, preventing them from doing My will for your nation and for the nations of the world.  Some of you will drop dead in public, others will fall in their offices and in their political seats. Those who remain standing will be those who have honored Me, My people and My Prosperous Plan for this land,” says Almighty God.

There you have it people. The Lord has been talking all night about what is upon America. We are going to be an example to the world. So, people of God, start digging up any words that have been stout against God, His People, His Kingdom or His Plan for your lives. Repent! Start speaking what God is speaking. Don’t speak your own words. Don’t speak the words of politicians or the media. Speak only what God is speaking, and everything will be good in your life, even when things around you are going bad.