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EXPOSED: Every Plot & Scheme Against The People Of God

Beloved, The Lord has been speaking adamantly about exposing the secrets  of our nation and those around the world. Whatever has been plotted behind the closed doors is about to be broadcast around the world. The devil is promoting a lie in our nation and God is about to expose the culprits behind this plot. The people might be marching in the streets, but God’s Truth is marching on to victory in America!
“The secret things belong to me,” says God. “I will expose that which is hidden in the earth; every unknown resource and bounty. I will also expose every lying scheme and plot against men in the earth; the lies and plots against My people.”“What was done in the dark will be brought into the light. That which was spoken in closets in secret will be shouted on the rooftops. Likewise every secret plan I will reveal to My people to make clear their inheritance.””I will manifest my secret wish to bless and proposer My people this day! Yes, the secret things belong to me,” says God. “And I will reveal them all: both bad and good.”
Here is the final word, “All the players are in place for me to execute My judgment upon them. No one will escape my judgment,” says Almighty God.

God Declares His Hand Against Obama And Clinton For Abuse Of Poor Blacks

Several days ago, the Lord gave me a disturbing vision, in which I saw President Barack Obama and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton arrogantly standing on the backs of poor Black people in America. It was a symbol of severe oppression. These two politicians were in agreement as they stood on what looked like a huge door. Under the door were the crushed bodies of Afro-Americans. I knew in my spirit that God was about to execute judgment against them both. Then today, the Lord gave me this prophecy and told me to release it right now. God has declared by His Spirit, “My Hand Is Against Both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. I will avenge my people in this hour. They shall be free to obey Me in this, the land that I have covenanted to love and protect. I cannot be stopped. No man can prevent me from carrying out My Will in America,” says Almighty God.