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This Is That Which Was Prophesied!

Beloved, there is a movement happening in America and it’s not like anything that has happened anywhere in the world. God has sat down upon our nation! The Spirit of God fell with power upon the 2017 Inauguration. Whether we like it or not, God anointed Donald J. Trump as President. This is a Move Of God to turn America back to RIGHTEOUSNESS. It’s not about the election. It’s not about Donald Trump. IT’S ABOUT GOD’S COVENANT WITH OUR NATION. This is God’ season to fulfill what He agreed that would happen in our nation. Thus says Almighty God, “I cannot be stopped.” 

What has God been saying all along? He wants to uphold His Blessing in America, but to do so, we have to turn our hearts back to Him. We must get away from the slave mentality and step up as Kings of God’s Kingdom.  Instead of depending on America’s government for healthcare, or benefits, we need to Bless our nation with God’s unlimited prosperity. That only happens when we obey God. Obey God, and His goodness will overflow in our nation. Prosperity will flow again in America. Peace will flow again in America. Love will overtake hate in our nation. Why? GOD IS LOVE. It is WHO HE IS. LOVE GIVES, and that is what He wants to do in America, if we let Him.

So what should we be doing in this hour? Instead of protesting in the streets we need to be praying in our closets. We should be asking God what He has for us to do in this hour? God wants to raise America above the other nations in wisdom, wealth and innovation. Even higher than we have ever seen before. This is not the time to be angry of sad. It is time to rejoice. God’s abundance is ready to be poured out upon those who would be obedient to Him!

Here are some reminders of what God prophesied.

The Glory Of The Lord Is Moving In Our Midst!

God Is Raising The Bar For Leadership

God Is Raising The Bar For Leadership


Something exciting is happening in the earth! The Lord gave me a brief glimpse of a New Breed of Leadership in the world. In the spirit, I saw the entire world with all it’s billions of people. All of a sudden, a people arose among the people. They kept arising until they looked like giants among men. This was a group of men, women and children of extraordinary stature. They had more money, more wisdom and more power than this world had ever seen. Then I heard the Lord say, “I cannot be stopped. This is my will and I shall bring it to pass.” I also heard the Lord say of these new leaders the same that He said to Solomon, “I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee. And I have also given thee that which thou hast not asked, both riches, and honour: so that there shall not be any among the kings like unto thee all thy days (I Kings 3:12-13).

When will they appear? “Now,” says God. “My sons are arising in the earth now!” This indeed is a NEW BREED OF LEADERSHIP; bolder and brighter than others who came before them. These are the Children of Light, destined to destroy the darkness of this world! This is Kingdom Transformation 2016!

New Leadership Is About To Emerge In America!

Several years ago, we began prophesying about God raising up new leadership in America, and now the Lord says it is time. He has been speaking to me about why he must choose new leadership not only in the church, but also in business and government in our nation.
America has a long history of giving lip service to God, but our hearts have been far from him. In a vision, he showed me how he has been calling many into leadership, but they have not responded. The word of the Lord fell upon deaf ears. These men and women were more interested in securing their own positions, gaining riches and pleasing other people. Consequently, they never answered the call. Thus says the Lord, “There are those whom I have pursued who have denied me, but a people whom I did not call will arise. For they will recognize the need and hear the cries of the people and will seek me for an answer in this hour. These are my new leaders; those with a heart for the people and a concern for others, that is the passion of my heart. These are those whom I will promote and honor, not because of what they have done, but because of how they have responded to the needs of my people. I am Almighty God, and I will honor those who honor me and who honor the people whom I love.”
The Lord concluded this word by telling me that the emerging leaders have the same spirit as those who covenanted with Him at our nation’s founding. “These are the few, the chosen and the faithful.” God pursued Israel, and he is still waiting for them to turn to him, but  a few men and women in America, pursued after God. They covenanted with God and it delighted Him. That is why God will not let this nation fail. That is also why God is raising up leaders who will obey him. He has a promise to fulfill to his covenant people in our nation; and so it shall be, world without end. Amen.