The Spiritual Evolution of One New Man

No Matter Your Race, Religion, Sex, or Origin;
God has a plan and purpose for
ALL Mankind!
At the risk of offending both the religious and non-believing world, I want to share an amazing story that I had never heard before the Spirit of God explained it to me a few weeks ago. Because of the significant impact this message, I hesitated writing until I was sure it could be done with utmost clarity. 

In mathematics we learned that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. I want to explain God’s plan for man on earth in the most concise fashion. The initial or beginning point is Adam; the end point is Jesus; who is also called the last Adam. It is the significance of these two points in human history that God has prescribed a line demarcating the sole purpose of all humanity from Genesis to Revelation.

It’s a purpose not based on law, but on love. It’s not about religion it’s about relationship and the family of God. It’s about an inheritance God desires to give to those who will obey him under the plan, purpose and government of the Kingdom of God. There have been many messengers, howbeit; the message has been muddled due to human misunderstanding and misinterpretation. We thought it was about religion and which religion was the right path to God; but it’s much more than that. It’s about returning to God and claiming an inheritance of wealth, power and dominion to replenish, repair and restore this earth and its inhabitants.

God has always chosen people to demonstrate his message. He used Noah, Abraham, Moses, Solomon and David. Likewise he used the ancient Jews and Christians to proclaim his purpose for man BUT, we made the messenger more important than the message. As faithful as these messengers were, it was never about Noah, nor was it about Abraham or Moses, Solomon or David. As great as these men were, they were selected as messengers solely based on God’s criteria. They did not choose God . . . God chose them for his purpose. God’s message for all humanity is not even about the Jews or Christians; and yet we as humans have diverted attention away from our Creator and his plans, so that we could celebrate and worship the creation in all its religious adornment.

Hear this, and hear it clearly. This is what the Spirit of God is saying to all of us today. In the eyes of God, his purpose has and always will be about ADAM (Defined in Hebrew as mankind). It’s about God restoring ALL MANKIND and giving to them the inheritance that the first Adam lost in the Garden of Eden. God desires that all of his Sons take their righteous positions and take back dominion of the earth; so that God’s will can be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. God wants to restore justice, peace and prosperity throughout the earth, but it can only be done through his Sons on earth.

God created Adam as the first of a new breed of creation made in the image and likeness of God, operating in the character and manner of God; a species that would take dominion and distribute the plan and wealth of heaven throughout the earth. Every nation, race and tongue, was to flow out of Adam’s loins in righteousness and blessing until they filled the whole earth; but Adam sinned thereby cursing all human kind to live a life of apart from God in pain, suffering and lack. Religion came about when men attempted to create their own paths back to God, but only through Jesus Christ, did God come to earth searching for his lost love . . . ADAM (Mankind).

Jesus made the bold claim that he was The Way to God, and men today still reject the notion that God would be so narrow minded in allowing only one path to his throne; but remember this is about an inheritance. You can’t even receive an earthly inheritance without satisfying a narrow set of preliminary criteria, so why are you disturbed that God would do the same with his heavenly inheritance? It’s God’s wealth, power and dominion, and he will only give it to those who satisfy his qualifications. Christians know about this inheritance, but many have been told that the inheritance is waiting for them in Heaven, so they suffer unnecessarily and never pursue what God has laid up for them here on earth.

Nevertheless, Jesus is God’s only designated path to restoration; and all who receive Jesus, regardless of their nation, race or tongue, become a new creation; a new species of human being that is uniquely reconnected to God by His Spirit. It’s not about religion, or denomination; it is about knowing and relating to God as a Son; just like Jesus related to God: he only did and said only what God told him to say and do. Absolute submission to God is a strict requirement, because only under these conditions can these beings truly become imitators of God like devoted children. And when they obey, they will bring about all the power and resources of Heaven into the earth to supply every need. They will also perform even greater works than Jesus performed on the earth because they are joint heirs with Jesus to all that God has in both Heaven and Earth. They will boldly go into all the earth taking dominion, subduing the earth, being fruitful, multiplying and replenish the earth with the Gospel of God’s Kingdom.

God’s Kingdom is the manifestation of the Garden of Eden that the first Adam lost. Jesus Christ is called the Last Adam because he is the firstborn of God’s new creation in God’s Kingdom. Even though the entire human race came out of the first Adam and was cursed unto death, even more so shall the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, the reigning Son of God, restore, gather and bless into His Kingdom all mankind as one new man.

In God’s Kingdom men are no longer divided by religion such as Jew or Gentile. There will be no more religion, or temples or even Sabbath days? The Bible says that there will be no need for those things because God and his Son Jesus will be our temple and we will worship them for all eternity.

Neither are we divided as Slave or Free, Male or Female, Black, White, Brown, Yellow or Red Man; in God’s Kingdom we are ONE NEW MAN, One New Adam, the BODY OF CHRIST, united as One Body and One Spirit, in communion under one Lord, one faith, One baptism; One God and Father of all . . . One family of God united both in heaven and in earth made up of people from every nation, tribe and tongue, subject to the peace and blessings of God unto ETERNAL LIFE FOREVER.

This is the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. It is available to anyone who is willing to totally surrender his life and take on the life of a Son of God; to be led by the Spirit of God doing mighty acts of God in defense of the suffering masses; to comfort all who mourn by giving them the Good News of God’s Kingdom: with man it may be impossible, but with God All Things are Possible!

Let’s Talk Prophecy is written and edited by EPIC Books and Café
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Introducing: The Sons of God

‘Like the artist who draws from within, so must my sons draw from within and bring My Will to light!’ says the Spirit of God (3.08.11 Prophecy)

‘In 1998, the Lord took me by the spirit and showed me a small powerful congregation of no more than 200-300 men and women, all of whom had worldwide ministries.

The Lord declared this to be His Church that He was raising up in our midst. When I saw these leaders, I was awestruck. They were mighty men and women of valor. Not only did they possess tremendous financial wealth, but superior spiritual strength. All of the ministry gifts and all of the gifts of the Spirit operated through each individual as the Lord willed.

They did not seem to be human. They were so much like supernatural beings, that I asked the Lord if they were angels. He told me these were the believers who lived only by His Word and obeyed His Spirit. The Lord said that they would do whatever He asked them to do, without considering themselves or their situations. They were pure and yielded vessels. Each of them performed the greater works Jesus spoke about in John 14:12. They also walked in an unusual power of God that surpassed the works of Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, and all the Apostles combined.’

Excerpts from The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume I, by Paula Matthews
©2011 Paula Matthews All Rights Reserved
Let’s Talk Prophecy is written and edited by EPIC Books and Café
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