What Did the Fig Tree Say to Jesus Before It Was Cursed?

“I have set before you, life and death; blessing and cursing; therefore choose life
so that you and your seed may live.”
Deuteronomy 30:19
There is a very odd story in Mark 11 about Jesus cursing a fig tree. As the story goes, Jesus was hungry and just happened to see a beautiful lush fig tree afar off. When Jesus found no fruit on tree, he cursed it by saying, Let no man eat of you ever again, and the tree dried up from the roots. People might say that it was a little extreme for Jesus to curse the fig tree since it was not the season for figs; but a closer look reveals something quite different. The Bible says that Jesus answered (responded to) the fig tree by cursing it. This strongly implies that there was communication between Jesus and the fig tree in which Jesus was not pleased.

Jesus possessed all authority in heaven and earth. Like Adam, he had dominion over all the earth and its creatures. This dominion included the power to bless or curse all creation and command it to “Be Fruitful and Multiply.” If Jesus could command the winds and the waves to cease their movements; and turn water into wine; and if he could command the dead to come back to life; and command fish and loaves to multiply to feed five thousand, why couldn’t he have commanded the fig tree to produce fruit as well?

The answer is simple. The winds and waves obeyed; as did the water and the dead; even the fish and loaves received the blessed command to multiply and immediately they produced. But, the fig tree refused to acknowledge the authority of Jesus Christ and it would not produce fruit. Even if it didn’t speak with words, the fig tree responded to Jesus’ command by not producing fruit.  

Later Jesus told his disciples that they had the same power to command the trees and to command mountains to be moved and cast into the sea. He said that whatever they desired when they prayed to believe that they receive and they shall have whatever they said. Initially Jesus desired fruit, and the tree was given a chance to be fruitful, but when the tree refused to live under the blessing, it automatically died under the curse.  

The same is true for humans. If we don’t obey the command to live fruitful lives under the blessings of God, we can look forward to dying under the curse. There is nothing worse than a person looking good and bearing no fruit. Jesus said that there will people calling him Lord and trying to get into heaven; but because they refused to obey God, he will curse them by saying depart from me you worker of iniquity.[1] God has given us a choice; choose life so that you can live, be fruitful and multiply.

[1] Matthew 7:21-23
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Are You Stubborn and Rebellious?

“A foolish man can no more become wise than a
wild ass’s colt can be born a man.”
Job 11:12

In our previous posts we have been talking about living prophetically: lives that are obediently led by the Spirit of God. Prophetic wisdom comes from God but not everyone desires to hear or obey what God is speaking. The Bible says that it is a fool that refuses the knowledge of God. A foolish person takes pleasure in doing evil so seeking the wisdom of God is not in their agenda. God’s people perish because they lack knowledge; not because there is a lack of knowledge; but because they reject the wisdom of God and like fools they are destroyed. What you don’t know can destroy you.

Rejection of knowledge results when men think their wisdom is greater than God. King Saul was the perfect example of rejecting knowledge. He was a people pleaser. The people pressured Saul into doing his own thing rather than obeying God. The prophet Samuel delivered a harsh rebuke to the king. He told him that obedience is better than sacrifices (offerings) because rebellion is the same as witchcraft; and stubbornness is the same as idolatry in the eyes of God. Because he rejected God’s instruction; God rejected Saul and took away his throne.[1]

We think it natural to be stubborn and rebellious, but God treats those behaviors like he does witchcraft and idolatry; people who practice such will burn in the lake of fire.[2] Men can be a rebellious as wild ass colts; and yet God chooses us to display his glory in the earth. With man it may seem impossible to change from our stubborn and rebellious natures, but with God all things are possible. Give your life and all its issues to God and like Jesus loosed the wild colt; he will clothe you with royal garments and use you for his glory.

[1] I Samuel 15:20-31
[2]Revelation 21:8
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Awaken the Superhero in You!

. . .Tribulation, Distress, or Persecution, or Famine . . .
In All These Things We are More Than Conquerors”
Romans 8:29-39

Coming Soon to Paperback!

Live & Walk in the Prophetic and Awaken the Superhero in You!
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Living Life Prophetically

Ezekiel’s Edge: Experiencing God in Interactive Heavenly Definition (HD)

Ezekiel is one book of the Bible that has confused and bewildered many a Christian scholar. The messages of this book are very bold, dramatic and clearly defined, so it’s not the message that catches one off guard. It is how God delivers the message to the prophet Ezekiel that one finds very bizarre. Nowhere in the Bible, except in the books of Daniel and Revelation, does any writer come close to the visions of God like Ezekiel.

It is not unusual for people to call Ezekiel crazy, or for them to say that no one could ever understand what God was doing in this prophet’s life. Unfortunately, these comments are typical of people who have limited understanding of how and why God speaks the way He does. We will prove that not only was the prophet Ezekiel sane, but for the times and seasons in which he lived, he was seeing portions of God in His Fullness. Let’s call it experiencing God in HD; Heavenly Definition. This is the sharpest image available to men and women on earth who are not only obedient to God, but these are those who place no limits on how God chooses to communicate with his creations on earth.

In our world of technology, the latest buzz term is HD TV, or High Definition Television, where the images are so sharp that it’s like being there. This is supposed to be the most ultimate television viewing experience available. Now, if you really want the most ultimate vision experience that God has, then the Interactive Heavenly Definition is for you. But be warned, that Ezekiel described seeing God’s body encased like fire, John in Revelation said God’s eyes were like fire, and of course Moses saw God in a burning bush. Are you ready to meet the God who appears like fire to human’s on earth… in HD? Well, if you’re not, don’t worry about it. In this writer’s experience with HD visions, when God does appear as fire, it is because of a specific call and purpose; just like it was for Ezekiel, Moses and John. God had an urgent and vital message for these men to speak to his people (the church).

Whether you are called to the office of the prophet or not, anyone can experience God in HD, by opening their hearts (the receiver) and minds (the transmitter) to the Spirit of God through prayer, fasting and meditation of scripture. Be warned. Do not seek visions or dreams from God. Seek to know more about God and his love and purpose for you. Then he will respond in the manner he feels you can handle. And, if you seek God with your whole heart, you are automatically tuned for HD, and it will come when God feels it is necessary. Remember God is holy; he does things according to his will, not ours.

Now, that we have you prepared to receive, let’s talk about the advantages of HD experiences. In the case of Ezekiel, the visions appeared during a time of extreme darkness for the people of God. They had been taken captive by the fiercest of their enemies. Ezekiel was also among the captives. They were all in the same predicament, so what would motivate Ezekiel to speak or incline the people of God to listen to him? In their hour of darkness, confusion and pain, the people needed an explanation of what was happening, and they needed direction on how to proceed from where they were.

And this is where Ezekiel had an edge over all the other captives. God appeared to Ezekiel in His Glory to explain why the people were to be held captive and what they had to do to change the situation. When you have lost a job, a home or a loved one, what do you do? Who can make things right? Many people are suffering around the world, due to poor economic conditions, political upheavals, and threats of terror from their enemies. The realities of life are presenting some of the most impossible living conditions and the future looks bleak. So you need a solution for you and your family? Change your perspective and see things as God does. If is impossible for us, you better believe that God has a solution. So ask him to reveal what’s going on and what you need to do, and he will.

My first HD experience came when my 3-year-old son was kidnapped by his father during a week-end visitation, many years ago. I was weeping on the floor, and in my weakness I cried out to God. I wanted to know why he let this happen. And God responded boldly by telling me that he was in control of the situation. Then he told me that my disobedience caused this and other things to occur in my life. You, see, I married the man, God told me to stay away from. When I repented, two things happened. In a vision, it was if God’s hand came out of heaven and it enclosed my heart. When it did, the love of God filled my entire being. At that moment, I knew I was forgiven. Then later that week, while attending a prayer meeting at a friend’s church, I had another HD vision. As my body became very warm and a screen appeared and my spirit leaped into the screen where I find myself and my son swimming in soothing warm waters. The vision was so clear that I could feel the water on my skin. The vision continues as my son and I look up and exit the water, and a man’s hand is there to help us. The minute we touched the man’s hand, my son and I were clothed in white robes. The man, also wearing a white robe, placed us on his white horse and we all rode off together in joy. The man was Jesus, and his horse had a green laurel upon its head. This vision gave me peace and understanding enough to carry the 17 years it took before my son and I were reunited. And, no matter what the naysayers and the doomsayers were speaking about me and my son, I had heard from God and knew that things were in his control.

God will speak to anyone who will completely empty themselves in humble submission before him, and seek his face. It’s a place of complete dependence upon God as our source for all we need; whether it is an explanation, direction, or a physical or psychological need. You don’t have to wait for the dark times either, God is waiting for us to diligently seek him, anytime. And, if we obey him and yield ourselves to his will instead of our own, we can have the Heavenly Definition (HD) experience every day.

To read more about living life prophetically, visit:
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Don’t Lose Courage in The Day of Trouble

‘If you faint in the time of trouble; your strength is weak.’
Proverbs 24:10

Things are tough, but I urge each of you to stay in faith! Don’t make decisions based on fear; fear of what the media says, fear of what those around you are saying. Don’t even be moved by the fear that may creep into your own heart and mind.  God has not given us a spirit of fear.  He has given us power through His Holy Spirit; who releases God’s love and wisdom to the followers of Jesus Christ in earth. Therefore, obey the wisdom God has sent from heaven and has deposited in your hearts.  Don’t be moved by what you see going on in the world around you.  

Take a look at the example of the Children of Israel living as slaves in Egypt. God, thru Moses commanded that Pharaoh let his people go, and when Pharaoh refused, God sent plagues against Egypt. God sent plagues not only to free His People, but to demonstrate to all of Egypt, that He, Jehovah God is Supreme in Might over all the gods of Egypt (Exodus 12:12). Today we are seeing a great “shaking” going on all over the world. God is releasing his people from bondage so that they can do his will in the earth. He also wants to demonstrate that even today He(God) is still the Supreme Power in the universe.

But get this. In Moses; day the greatest demonstration of God’s power was not so much the plagues, as it was the fact, that none of the plagues infected the place where God’s people lived.  Because these were God’s people, none of the plagues touched them.  When God turned the Nile into blood, the Children of Israel had clean water. When God sent the plague of death that killed the first born child of every home in Egypt, death did not touch any home of God’s people (Exodus 11:4-7).

If you belong to God you have no need to fear of what is happening around you. A thousand can fall at your side and 10,000 may fall at your right hand, but it will not come near you! God has given his angels command to watch over you in all your ways (Psalm 91:11-12).  So stand on that word. Speak that word day and night. And then you will be prosperous and success no matter what evil is sent your way (Joshua 1:8).

Now, if you don’t belong to God and want these protections, you can transform your life right now. Just ask Jesus to come into your heart and take over your life. Ask God to fill you with his Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth.

This is how Jesus lived on earth. The Holy Spirit led Jesus to say and do only what God did and said. And because Jesus was obedient, the miracle working power of God moved through him. That power not only saved him from attempts on his life, but in times of famine, it empowered Jesus to feed and heal all those around him. Today that same power is available to you. But you must give up your life and way of doing things and take God’s abundant life and let his word and Spirit lead you along your path of life . . . and when you do, you will have heaven’s abundance of grace, protection and provision supplying your every need regardless of what is happening around you.

Listen to these examples of how God supernaturally provided daily needs and wealth to those who did things his way instead of the “common sense way.” Check out this podcast entitled In Pursuit of Super Heroic Enduring Faith

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The Fierce Winds of Change are Blowing in Our Direction

And suddenly there came a sound from heaven
like a rushing mighty wind  . . .
Acts 2:2
America is about to experience a major transformation that has been initiated by Almighty God.  There is a shift occurring in the spirit that is repositioning leadership and ideology in a manner unlike anything we have seen in history.  There is a divine reordering happening in our midst; a transformation that no human; or political faction can deter. 

The Spirit of God is about to confound the wise and confuse the simple.  The only ones who will emerge with understanding and wisdom will be the true Believers of Jesus Christ; those who truly know God.  In this hour, do not judge anything by its appearance alone. Deception is rampant among us.  Nothing is as it was.  Problems cannot be resolved like before.  We have come to the end of ourselves; and the only possible way out is through God. This is message is for the church.  This message is for politicians.  This message is for business owners and executives;  and the common man on the street.  Change is here. 

Dear Christian, this is your final examination before Jesus returns. You will be tested on your learning and comprehension of his Word. You will be tested on recognizing his voice over all other voices. Your faith will be sorely tested. Are you ready to be put to the test?

So what can one do to prepare? Make peace with God and seek his direction about every decision you make.  This is critical.  Human wisdom will fail in this hour.  Ungodly wisdom will fail.  Listen to God.  Obey God, and watch him move miraculously in your house, your business, your city, and our nation. 
No matter how bad it looks, America will arise out of the ashes victoriously and
it will astound the world!
Here’s recent prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland entitled, “Watch Me Work.”
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God’s Seed-Time Harvest Solution

If you don’t like the outcome of your life; then sow a different seed.

Change Is Not Easy; but It Is Possible

Desperate times require that we find alternative methods of problem solving.  Unfortunately, most people, including Christians, rarely look at our problems from God’s point of view.  People pray; but they don’t expect God to answer.  Today, we challenge you to take another look at Kingdom of God solutions.

Below are six (6) newly released Ezine Articles by Paula Matthews
These are actual real-life examples of how one ordinary person gained extraordinary faith by giving her life’s issues to God and watching him provide seemingly impossible solutions every time. 
Now you too can have SUPERNATURAL RESULTS in those
super difficult situations!
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Prophetic Look at the Months and Year Ahead

Today, the Spirit of God compelled us to highlight the prophetic words that we published in 2011 that his people will need to hold onto in order to survive what is coming upon America. There will be some trouble, but for those who will keep the word before their eyes and listen for the Voice of God, the comings days, months and year will be a time of triumph!

Shortly after we published our WordPress blog today, we got a tweet about Ken Copeland releasing his prophecy.  God is moving and he wants to prepare his people to be victorious no matter what comes our way!

Take a listen to the latest prophecy received by Kenneth Copeland at his D.C. conference this weekend.

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