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This Is God’s Appointed Season To Favor His People


“A Righteous Nation of people is arising in this earth with both wealth and power. They are arising with wisdom and faith beyond what this world has seen. It is My Time” says God. “It is My Time to show the absolute splendor and majesty of My Power in MY people. It will be a splendid display like none other. It is My Grand Finale in This Earth before the return of My Son. He is coming, and very soon to set up His Kingdom upon the earth. What you will see in the coming hours and days is just a foretaste of what you can expect when My Kingdom has fully manifested on earth. Oh the goodness! Oh the power and majesty! Oh such beauty and power, love and grace as only I can produce in My Power. Know this. That is will be by My Power that all this manifests before your eyes. Enjoy the display! Join in my Kingdom agenda and be part of the Greatest Holy Ghost Show On Earth thus far!”

God Is Transferring Wealth Before Christmas 2016!

Beloved, the word of the Lord is loud and clear. The Kingdom is about to reclaim trillions of dollars out of the world system, and God will be transferring that money (and property) to His people. Several leaders from around the world have been coming to the U.S. confirming what God has been saying all along. Specifically, there will be an uprising among people of color. It will be an “Awakening of Financial Power for the Body of Christ.” “It doesn’t matter who is elected to the White House,” says God. “This is my time to exalt My Kingdom in the midst of those who think they know where this nation should go.  My covenant with this nation stands, and I will honor My people in this season. I will honor those who honor me. The Babylonian system of America has fallen, yet not all have eyes to see what is about to happen on your shores. It is a drastic change of EPIC proportions, like nothing that has ever been seen in this world. This is My Time To Shine. It is My Time To Show My Love and Compassion to those who are earnestly seeking Me. Your help will not come from a new president. It will not come from any politician. America’s help will come as it always has come.  It has come, and will continue to come from Me,” says the Lord. “I am the only hope for this nation. I have chosen this nation for My Glory and that shall stand in this season. You shall see My Glory as I place it upon My People and let them shine for the world to see. This has always been my plan for America. It shall come to pass, and no man can stop ME,” say Almighty God.

There you have it. God has spoken, let the church say AMEN! Keep your eyes and ears open to God, and Him only, and you will find yourself in your wealthy place. Also note, that wealth and power is not coming in the typical places one would expect. God is using the foolish things, the things we hate, the uncomfortable situations, to bring about His Glory. He wants to see if we can see past the messenger to receive the Glory. Therefore it is the glory of God to conceal a matter in the strangest places, but it is the honor of kings to search a matter out. Seek the Wisdom of God.

Thus says Wisdom of God, “I traverse the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of justice, that I may cause those who love me to inherit wealth, that I may fill their treasuries.” Proverbs 8:20-21

God Is Shifting Billions Of Dollars Around The Globe

The Holy Spirit placed this message in my spirit to deliver to the Body of Christ.

Here is the quote from my latest book entitled, The Rise And Fall Of The Babylonian Church In America

“Now, I am hearing something so strong in my spirit, that I have to speak. God is in the process of placing his people in the “billionaire’s circle.” It’s not about us. It’s about his plan to go into the world. This is final stretch of the relay in the great commission that Jesus gave his church. We are at “the end of the last days.” There is so much to be done, that the Lord has no choice, but to place the world’s wealth in the hands of his people. This is what God is trying to get the church to understand, but if you are looking at the successful preachers as your goal, you have already missed God. People of God, stretch your faith and your obedience. God is about to drop the “Fatherload” of wealth and power upon those who will honor him with their substance. Thank God for the remnant of believers who are willing and obedient to the call of taking back people and territory for the Kingdom . . . God has big plans for anyone who would yield to his plan and let his Spirit lead them to his perfect will. For those who think they have seen the best the world has to offer, you’re right. This is all the world can offer, but the Kingdom of God is about to unleash some of the greatest inventions ever known to man. We are going produce luxury products that the world could never conceive . . . The Spirit of God will supernaturally draw all men to God the Father, through every facet of our human existence. It will be God unleashed, in all of His Glory! If you want to be part of this Kingdom Restoration, don’t go after riches. Don’t go after influence. Go after God and his Kingdom plan for your life, and all of these things will be richly added to your life in abundance!”

It’s Time To “Recover All!”

The Lord reminded me of a vision I had several years ago. The Lord took me into his War Room where he showed me a map of the world under enemy occupation. He said that occupation began when Adam lost his place as ruler of this earth. The world, and Adam’s position were taken over by satanic rule and remained that way until Jesus restored the earth and its people for God’s Kingdom. The Lord then drew my attention to another map of the world that was hanging on the wall. He said that the map on the wall was the legal document showing the earth and its territories as having been restored to God. The Lord said that everything that was restored was placed in receivership for the Body of Christ to manage until Jesus comes back to reign on earth. Continue reading It’s Time To “Recover All!”

The Door To Wealth Transfer Will Open Out Of Fear

The Spirit of The Lord showed me things that are occurring in the realm of the spirit; things I cannot explain, but surely things that are to come upon our land. I am not permitted to tell what I saw, but suffice it to say, many Americans, including the church reacted in fear. It was a level of fear we have never experienced, yet the Hand of God was in the matter. How? I do not know other than to say that something is about to happen. God is permitting it to happen in order to bring the church and the nation “back to their right minds.” God’s Kingdom order is about to step on the scene to take charge and balance the scales of justice “God’s way.” This has everything to do with the wealth transfer God’s people are expecting during this season. There are many people talking about a wealth transfer, but few understand why the transferred must occur. “This is the appointed season of God’s justice; a day of vengeance of Our Lord. This is about God hearing the cries of his people and remembering and honoring his covenant with them (Exodus 2:23-25).”

The wealth transfer is upon us, but it won’t come like people expect. People don’t just hand over their money and possessions unless provoked by the Spirit of God. It is clear throughout the Bible that people gave of their possessions when provoked by the fear of God (Acts 2:43). Search the scriptures. Anytime there was a wealth transfer in the Bible, it was God bringing justice to those who were oppressed. When God moved to free his people, it caused fear to come upon every soul and they gave what they had to the people of God. Here are some examples. Two kings (Pharaoh and Abimelech) gave cattle, oxen and servants to Abraham because they tried to take his wife Sarah for themselves. God brought plagues upon Pharaoh’s house (Genesis 12:14-20).  God appeared to Abimelech (Genesis 20) in a dream. Both kings were demanded to let Sarah go free because she was Abraham’s (the covenanted prophet of God) wife. Another example was when God released the children of Israel from slavery by sending plagues upon Egypt. Pharaoh had to let the people go, but not before God had them plunder the wealth of the Egyptians. In addition to gaining wealth, God brought them out in good health because there was no feeble one among them (Psalm 105:37-38).

Beloved, God is about to allow terror to come upon the oppressors of His people. The people will be set free but they won’t leave empty handed. God will heal and deliver them and bring them out into their wealthy place.

Are You in Position to Manifest the Glory?

This Could Be Your Season to Embark Upon the Destiny God has For Your Life.  
We are at a strategic moment time. It’s a kairos moment in which God is about to manifest his greatness on the behalf of those who will obey him. This is a glorious time to be firmly planted in the Kingdom of God. Learn how you can prepare to be part of what God is doing in the earth. Take listen to our latest podcast.

“The Glory Of The Lord Here!”   
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"The Glory is Here," Says God

“I will finally get the honor due my name from this generation on the earth.  I will show my power to the world and multitudes will run into my kingdom in a day.  I am God. There is none above me; no power greater than I AM.  I will reap my precious fruit from the earth and every eye will see it.” “All the wealth is mine.  All the power is mine.  I will distribute my wealth and power to those who will obey me,”says God. “I will honor those who honor me and those whom I have chosen to be champions of the destitute; the impoverished.   I will bless those who take care of the poor. For this is my heart for the people; a reflection of my love for mankind, to be healed, to be whole, to live my abundant life. My word has gone forth and my will WILL be accomplished in this earth by my chosen people; and all the earth will rejoice and glory in my name,” says God.
Prophecy received by Paula Matthews on March 24, 2013, 2:45am (PST)
Let’s Talk Prophecy is written and edited by EPIC Books and Café 
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