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God’s Reward For His Obedient Sons & Daughters

“Something Good Is About To Happen To You!” This word has been repeating in my spirit for the past two weeks and today it has echoed several times from the Lord. He told me to write this post and tell His people, “No matter what it looks like. Expect something good to happen, because Something Good Is About To Happen To You!” You  get what you expect, so start expecting good things. That is how faith works.

If you are diligently listening and obeying the voice of God, “Good things are looking for you,” so you start looking for them to happen. Start speaking this word over your life, your family, your ministry and business. As you follow God, “Good Things” will follow and overtake you! This is The Blessing at work in your life.

“And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments . . . And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee  . . .” Deuteronomy 28:1-2

No Man Can Serve Two Masters: Serve God Only!

The Spirit of God says there is a “famine of leadership” in our nation. Those in leadership who are not listening to God are blind. Therefore in America we have the Blind leading the blind, and both are about to fall into the ditch.

Concerning Black people in America, God says that most, even in the church, are willing to stay in their “state of slavery.” It’s as if they have given up hope on achieving anything other than what the system tells them they can have. The American System as become their slave master, and as the Lord said before, Obama and Clinton are enforcing that slave-master relationship by creating a “welfare and entitlement program dependent people.” They have permanently categorized a group of people as “poor.” This government has placed shackles on the people that can only be broken by the Spirit of God. This is so extremely demonic because it is subversive. It looks like it is helping on the surface, but the end result is detrimental and degrading to human beings that God loves.

Those who are Christian cannot be labeled as poor without it insulting God. There is an inheritance awaiting them that includes wealth, but they have been told a lie. They are being forced to believe a racist message of poverty that is not true. It is the same message that was forced upon slaves in this country; to make them forget the wealth of their mother land; to forget that they were descendants of kings; and to degrade them to the point that they had no hope of being anything other than what the slave master told them they could be. Nothing has changed in America. The same message is being reinforced to turn the people against God. While God is trying to give Blacks wealth, the American government is offering them welfare. While God is calling them kings and priest, the American government is calling them poor. The tactic is clearly seen. It’s a racist message of America, one that most Blacks have received, while ignoring God’s message that would bring them into freedom and inheritance.

Politicians do all in their power to keep Blacks thinking like poor disadvantaged people. The American culture echoes the same message. Black entertainment offers the same degrading themes of black women and men as whorish drug dealers and thieves, while brainwashing others to believe that Black people will never become more than criminals, rap stars, tawdry singers, ballers, fighters and every thing that is low and undignified in society. There are great thinkers and inventors among us today, but they get very little attention. Even with the Obama’s in the White House, the state of mind of Black people is still in slavery. How could this be? When the Obama’s turned against God, they made it all about themselves. They promoted themselves. The success of leadership is when you have created other great leaders, with even higher credentials than yourselves. It’s a parenting effect. The next generation should be significantly better under a great leader.  Great leaders inspire even greater leaders. Where are those leaders? What happened?

The Lord said, that “Black people, in particular took the easy way out. Instead of standing and achieving the greatness God desired for their lives, they aspired to reach the status quo. They chose to follow another master, the slave master that rules over America; the American Culture.” “But there is a people in the land,” says God, “who will stand tall above all others because they will achieve what no man has ever achieved. They will go beyond the limit of human reason and touch the impossible and bring it into this earth realm. They will traverse all races and cultures with their inventions, creations and ideas, because they don’t see division of race or of cultures or of political parties. They see only God and His plan for all mankind.” “And they will not come from the Ivy leagues or from the grand positions that humans admire. They are coming from the lowest most disdained places in society and will be raised up above all men, not because they desire to be great, but because they desire to end the pain and suffering they experienced in those low places. They are not about self, but about the welfare of others. They want to see change in the human condition, and they will not give up until their desire is fulfilled. They will be used mightily in the Kingdom Of God, not because they see themselves as great, but because the cause of God in their lives is more powerful than life itself. These are the Sons of God, arising in the earth!”


God’s Warning To Overthrow His People And The President, If We Don’t Obey!

Beloved, the Lord gave me a strong word earlier today, that I have kept in prayer until this evening. It is directed to Americans who call themselves Christians. Although the Lord has no problem with us having a king or a president over our nation, God still requires that we obey Him and not that king or president. Listen very carefully. America is in great danger. If the President is not hearing and obeying God, he or she will lead the nation into even greater danger. God wants His People to talk to Him before casting your vote. Pray and seek the face of God. Do not listen to the politicians. Do not be swayed by the emotional appeals, not even from the Obamas. This is the most dangerous time we have ever known in our history. We are about to see people drop dead for going against God. People who are determined to lead the people astray are about to meet their doom. Listen to God, not to men or women trying to get your vote. Obey God and all will be well with you. Follow the voices that are talking loud to get your vote, and you may just lose your life. You will certainly lose your inheritance in God’s Kingdom. Pray. Obey God and Vote. After that person is elected, continue to obey God for the sake of America’s safety and advancement.

Here is the scripture the Lord gave me, Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you. But if ye shall still do wickedly, ye shall be consumed, both ye and your king (I Samuel 12:24-25).” 

According to the Lord, we are about to see a demonstration of this word in this season. God is holding His People accountable for what happens in this nation, even what happens at the polls. Selah.


Last night I was praying and asked the Lord why so many prayers have yet to be answered. I know he answers prayer, but there are so many promises not showing up. So what’s going on? The Lord said, “Men don’t obey me. They are hearing my voice, but they don’t take heed to my voice.” People are hearing, but they let other voices take precedent over his voice. The Lord showed me that in our age of technology, we have drowned out his voice with the voice of cellphones, laptops, the media and entertainment. Beloved, God is always speaking. For every disaster that happens in life; for every disappointment in this life; for every opportunity that is set before us, God is talking to us. There is nothing that happens that God does not warn us about. The Bible says that God, himself does nothing in this earth without first revealing it to his prophets (Amos 3:7). God will even send a word in the mouth of any righteous man who has a heart to obey. So, while many people are waiting for God to step out of heaven to personally answer their prayers, they need to be listening to the Holy Spirit to identify the voice of the spirit through an ordinary human. Turn off all other voices and let the Holy Spirit guide you to the answer you need. Then obey God. If you are one that God is sending to answer the prayer of another. Don’t talk yourself out of obeying God. Don’t let another’s opinion cause you to sin against God. Obey God. Don’t gloat about it. Humble yourself and just obey God. What you do for others, God will make happen for you (Ephesians 6:8).  
Today’s message is plain and simple: Listen To God then, OBEY GOD!
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