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The Time Of “The Train Crash” Is Here!

Beloved, God is about to shatter the stronghold of rebellion over the United States. The leaders of this nation have habitually chosen corruption over righteousness. Consequently, our nation will be judged “guilty” for rebellion against God. According to the Spirit of God, concerning President Trump, “He won the election because he was the only candidate who would fight for the nation and fight for righteousness.” God called former President Obama to fight for righteousness, but he chose corruption instead. According to God, “His final years of leadership wreaked of extreme corruption for which he and the nation have been judged.”

God is taking America back from the hands of the enemy and setting her and her people free from the tyranny of the past. The Lord has declared for America:

  1. “It’s time to return to righteousness.”
  2. “It’s time to restore God’s Kingdom in the earth.”
  3. “It’s time to manifest America’s covenanted destiny in God!”
  4. “I have a covenant to fulfill with the remnant of believers who stand in faith for the deliverance of the United States. It is for them alone, that I spare this nation until the Gospel, the True God is preached in America, with sign and wonders to follow. America must be saved. It shall not be utterly destroyed,” says God. “I will spare a remnant who will demonstrate my power to the world . . . and then the end shall come and my son will return to reclaim His earthly throne.”

It’s time for the “The American Train” to collide with Jesus the Rock. There will be death and destruction for those who refuse to change. Yet, on the “Life and Abundance Train,” will be wealth, prosperity and everlasting peace. God has declared this to be the time of “The Great Divide Between Rebellion And Righteousness.” The world will know that there is a God in America, and that He alone is Almighty!


God Delivers An Urgent Message Of Judgment for America!

Pray For Your Enemies, Their Destruction Is At Hand!

The Spirit Of the Lord has an urgent message for His People.


We are in a season of judgment. It’s a time of the Vengeance of Our Lord against our enemies. It’s also a time of great Blessings for those obedient to God.

We must pray for our enemies because God’s wrath is against them for what they have done against us. In our covenant with God and His Son Jesus Christ, we have a promise that God would bless those who bless us and He would curse those who curse us. Simply put. When we are obedient to God’s call for our lives, God will Bless those who help us in our mission for the Kingdom. He promises to curse those who hinder us in our obedience to God.

“Great destruction” is about to hit our nation, says Almighty God.  “It cannot be stopped.” The leaders of our nation have led America to the brink of destruction with their strife and division, and the spewing of hatred in the ears of the public. The only hope for America, is the Blessing that rests upon the obedience of the People of God.  Therefore, we need to obey the words that Jesus spoke, “Bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:44-45).” 

People of God, obey God for the sake of this nation; for the sake of the Kingdom!

The Spirit of the Antichrist is Alive and Well in the Church

” . . . These are the last days, and you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now there are many Antichrist who have come.”
I John 2:18
We have had several post in which the Spirit of God has condemned the political behavior of prominent Christian leaders. The Lord showed them sliding into hell with their deceptive “pro family” agenda, right along with the politicians. Then in another post, the Lord said that he was allowing church leaders to be deluded because they have no love for the truth.  The “pro family” agenda is a lure set by the devil to divide and conquer the church.  Here’s what the Spirit of God showed me this morning.
The core of the Christian church is operating under the “Spirit of Antichrist.”The Lord said that whenever the Holy Spirit is not Lord, there is oppression. That’s why the nation is suffering. The church is grieving the Holy Spirit because its leaders are not enquiring of, nor are they listening to God about their duties to the people of this nation. The Spirit of Antichrist occurs when Christians who are called to be subjects under the submission of the anointing (Spirit of God) refuse to allow the Spirit to be Lord over their decisions. 
According to God, in order for America to be healed of its afflictions, the “leg” of the church that is causing the entire Body of Christ to sin, must be cut off.  So, in the days, and months to come, we can expect many named preachers and ministry leaders (who refuse to repent) to publicly fall to their disgrace. This is the word of the Lord to all who have ears to hear and obey.
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America’s Face-to-Face Encounter with God

Babylon is fallen; that great city is fallen; because she has caused the nations to follow her whoredom against God.
Revelation 14:8
If you are confused by what going on in the economy and all the political rhetoric that’s filling the air waves; don’t be surprise.  It all sounds very confusing; and that is by design.  Remember our previous discussions about the Tower of Babel; well Babylon is the same as Babel; the city that by design means confusion; confusing speech.  So, why all the confusion? Because men create great cities and empires while their rivals and enemies constantly plot to overthrow them.  Evil men use confusion to create a positive spin on the facts that occur on earth in order to gain advantage in the eyes of the public; but guess what?  It doesn’t matter what men do; or what great plans they have devised; if God is not in the center of their plan; THE PLAN WILL NOT WORK.  In fact, you can expect situations in America to worsen because men are looking to men to solve the country’s problems.  ONLY GOD CAN SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS.  The problems we face have a deep rooted spiritual nature.  They can not and will not be solve by human ingenuity or human efforts.  

Our nation’s religious, political and business leaders turned their backs on God generations ago.  None has desired to do the will of God; not even the leaders of the Christian church. Their rebellion has set America on a course of destruction that is bound to crash no matter who is in charge.  No politician, no  religious leader, no man change the path that lies before us.  America is on supernatural autopilot.  
The spirit of Babylon is falling; but the Kingdom is God in America is rising supernaturally in power to take over.  The Glory is God is in our midst and God has a faithful remnant who are in position and waiting for the command to “Go Forth.” And when they go; they will occupy until Jesus returns to earth.  
So will America fall?  No!  God’s plan for America will come to pass and revive her from the ashes to become the greatest supernatural power ever seen on earth.  The spirit of Babylon has to fall so that the Spirit of God can revive the entire world; else when Jesus comes; he will smite the earth with a curse and destroy us all.  God loves us too much to destroy America and the world; but when we repent from doing our own thing and return to God; he will work miraculously on our behalf; and it when he does; it will capture the hearts and imagination of the world!  

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Let Him Who Has No Sin Cast the First Stone

The recent court ruling against Prop 8 has caused quite a stir around the world.  Although the voters in California have voiced their opinion about gay marriage, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals determined that Prop 8 was unconstitutional.  This is indeed a hot political topic that will have lasting repercussions.  Many Christians would say this ruling is an affront to the laws of God as stated in the Bible; and yes they would be right.   But, there is a bigger issue at stake.  How far will Americans go to violate another person’s rights based on a religious view?  Jesus had a similar situation when the religious leaders brought to him a woman caught in the act of adultery (John 8:1-11). The Spirit of God says that what is happening to gays in America is similar to what happened to this adulterous woman.
Book Excerpt:
“Even the issues with homosexuality are on the rise because of their prevalence in the church.  The Spirit of God simply says to the church; “Let him who has no sin cast the first stone at the gays.” This is what Jesus told the religious leaders of his day who brought to him a woman that was caught in the act of adultery. Jesus died so that we can be exonerated of our sins.  So, if you have committed sexual sin or any other kind of sin against God, just ask him to forgive you.  Then do as Jesus said to that woman accused of adultery; “Go and sin no more.” Sexual issues are not political; they are spiritual in nature.  By making political propaganda out of these issues the church is shirking its responsibility.  At a time when so many church leaders are complaining about “BIG GOVERNMENT” interfering in the lives of its citizens, why add to the government’s responsibility that which God gave to the church?  Morality should be taught in the church and reinforced in the home.  Forcing the government to legislate moral issues is ludicrous.  If the Laws of Moses could not keep people from sinning against God; what makes Christians think that the laws of the United States would do any better?”
“Issue of Conflict: Our Social Disgrace,”
The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume II by Paula Matthews
Before jumping on the Anti-Gay Bandwagon, Consider This:
We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)

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What Does God Think about American Politics?

“The Heart of the King is in the Hand of the Lord”
Proverbs 21:1
Did you know that all throughout the Bible, God chose leaders of nations.  It matters to God which leader is ruling over his people.  Christians are commanded to submit to those who are in authority; therefore God would never chose an evil person to rule over our nation.  When God’s people choose leaders whom God has chosen, the nation will prosper; but unfortunately, most Christians refuse to vote according to what God is saying.  Consequently, God does not blame politicians for the failures in America, he blames the Church.  If Christians would obey God not only in their everyday lives, but also in their ballot choices; then the Hand of God would direct the actions of our leaders. Here’s what God has to say about the American political system.

“The American political system is corrupt and full of adulterous men and women.  These elected officials have only one true loyalty, and that is to doing whatever it takes to get elected.  There is an absence of bold leadership and integrity in American politics and industry.  We have groomed many ‘yes men’ and ‘that a boys’ who do what they are told.  We are experiencing the fallout of this conspiracy of corruption that has resulted in the current financial downfall of our major corporations nation-wide.  The average American has had to forfeit their dreams because our political and business leaders have devised wicked plans that promote their own political and financial profit at the expense of all others.” 

 Excerpt from Conclusion,” The Conclusion of the Whole Matter
                      The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume I by Paula Matthews
Before Casting your Vote for a Candidate
Spend Time Reading the Issues
Spend Even More Time Fasting and Praying for God To Reveal His Choice
Then Vote for the Candidate and Issues God Has Chosen
Continue to Pray for Those Who Are in Authority Over Us
Then Watch God Turn Our Leaders and Our Country in a Way that Benefits Us All!
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The Glory is Here and God Will Judge Us All!

Whatever a Man Stores Up in His Heart is
What He Will Produce in His Life: Whether Evil or Good
Matthew 12:35

According to the Bible, the human heart is very deceitful and desperately wicked (Jer 17:9) ; and evil spewing from an evil heart is considered is a weapon of mass destruction. Murder is committed when men conceive envy, jealousy and hate in their hearts towards another person; their race, religion, etc.; but when one speaks, all this evil spews from the heart and kills and corrupts everyone and everything around them. If you have evil results in your life, it most likely began with the evil thoughts you hold in your heart. So what are you meditating on in your heart?  If you want better results; meditate on good things; but also be assured of this one thing.  The Glory of the Lord is here and we all will be judged according the persistence of our hearts.  In America, we speak evil constantly; but what does God think about our evil communication?

Book Excerpt:

“Did you know that according to God’s Law the only weapon you need in order to commit murder is a mouth that speaks hatred against another?  The Bible also tells us to submit to the governing authority and whoever resists that authority resists God and shall receive judgment.  How many have spoken evil of the president and other leaders? Americans call it freedom of speech, but God’s Law calls it murder. God wants us to pray for those in authority so that we may have a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  Let God take vengeance on the leader, but keep your hands clean of murder. Speaking against our leaders makes you an enemy of God to be judged. In America, we have laws that can be overturned by a court judgment. In God’s court of law, His Word Stands. God, Himself cannot violate a law that He has placed in the earth. If God cannot violate His own laws, why does man think he can violate God’s Laws and not reap the consequences?”
“The Darkness and The Glory Part I. The Judgement of God Revealed
The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume I by Paula Matthews
If you have spoken evil against another; dig up those evil seeds now and pray for crop failure; then begin meditating and speaking the good results you desire and not the evil you are experiencing . . . and you will have whatever you say!
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