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The Time Of “The Train Crash” Is Here!

Beloved, God is about to shatter the stronghold of rebellion over the United States. The leaders of this nation have habitually chosen corruption over righteousness. Consequently, our nation will be judged “guilty” for rebellion against God. According to the Spirit of God, concerning President Trump, “He won the election because he was the only candidate who would fight for the nation and fight for righteousness.” God called former President Obama to fight for righteousness, but he chose corruption instead. According to God, “His final years of leadership wreaked of extreme corruption for which he and the nation have been judged.”

God is taking America back from the hands of the enemy and setting her and her people free from the tyranny of the past. The Lord has declared for America:

  1. “It’s time to return to righteousness.”
  2. “It’s time to restore God’s Kingdom in the earth.”
  3. “It’s time to manifest America’s covenanted destiny in God!”
  4. “I have a covenant to fulfill with the remnant of believers who stand in faith for the deliverance of the United States. It is for them alone, that I spare this nation until the Gospel, the True God is preached in America, with sign and wonders to follow. America must be saved. It shall not be utterly destroyed,” says God. “I will spare a remnant who will demonstrate my power to the world . . . and then the end shall come and my son will return to reclaim His earthly throne.”

It’s time for the “The American Train” to collide with Jesus the Rock. There will be death and destruction for those who refuse to change. Yet, on the “Life and Abundance Train,” will be wealth, prosperity and everlasting peace. God has declared this to be the time of “The Great Divide Between Rebellion And Righteousness.” The world will know that there is a God in America, and that He alone is Almighty!


God Delivers An Urgent Message Of Judgment for America!

One Nation Under God? Not Yet! But It’s Coming!

Beloved, The Lord gave me a strong word concerning America. In the eyes of the world we are a nation that professes to be under God, but in reality, we won’t even uphold godly values. “This is an abomination” says the Lord. “America stands as a nation of hypocrites in the eyes of the world. They do not practice what they preach. They desire to conquer the world, yet they will not conquer the evil that pervades their hearts. It is the evil within that will destroy them. Their defilement like a badge of honor is proudly displayed upon their chest. I will not have my name associated with defilement. I will make my name known in America. I will make my name known to the nations of the earth. I will not be mocked in the land that I set aside for my kingdom good. I will turn it around” says God. I have a people in the land, a chosen generation of those who will honor me. They will honor my name before all America and before all the people of the earth. My Will shall be done in America. My will shall be done in all the earth, as I have determined in heaven from the foundation of the world!”

Please understand. America is not a Christian nation. We are a nation that has many Christians, but as a nation we do not profess to be Christian. We use Christian words, phrases and values to describe who were are and what we stand for, but that does not make us Christian. A Christian nation is one that serves Almighty God. In America, we serve ourselves,  . . . but that is about to change. Our nation is about to be shaken to its knees. God is about to do a work in the United States that will cause the nations to run into the kingdom. It’s time. Jesus is about to return.


Can You Leave The Comforts Of Home To Receive A Blessing?

If You Belong To Christ, Then You Are Abraham’s Seed And Heir Of His Promise
Galatians 3:29
God made a bold promise to Abraham.  He told this elderly childless man that not only would he and his wife produce a child from her almost dead body, but God also said that he would make Abraham’s seed great in the earth. He promised that through the deadness of one man’s flesh would arise a family that would bless the families and nations of the world. But, even before God made the promise, he told Abraham to get away from his country and his family, to journey to an unknown place being led by God. So often, the comforts of home, family, and a secure job keep many of us from hearing and obeying the voice of God.  
When God wants to give you a great promise, he will demand that you give up everything and move out of your comfort zone. That’s what Jesus did! He left heaven and came here to bless this earth. Although he was rich, yet for our sakes he became poor so that through his poverty, we might be made rich (II Corinthians 8:9). Jesus made no bones about the sacrifice necessary to inherit the blessing of Abraham. He said that unless we were willing to give up everybody and everything, even our very lives, we could not be his disciples (Luke 14:26). Jesus knows best because he is the seed of Abraham and heir of the promise. Abraham had strong faith. He gave up everything to follow God. Abraham was fully persuaded that what God promised, He (God) was also able to perform (Roman 4:20-25). Because of his faith, God made Abraham very rich and prosperous. Everywhere his sons journeyed, the nations were blessed (even in times of famine) because they obeyed God like their father Abraham. 
So, if America is not prospering, who does God blame? He doesn’t blame the president or the politicians. God blames those who are called by his name, who possess the promise of Abraham, but who also refuse to do what is necessary to be a blessing to America.  
Simply put: If you want what Abraham had, you have to do what Abraham did. 

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God’s Prophetic Plan for America (Revisited)

(Previously posted on November 3, 2012)
I  preference this message by saying, The 2012 Election is not about Democrats, Republicans or about the economy, abortion, gay rights or taxes. “No! No! No” says God. “It’s about the prosperity of America. Yeah, Have I not said that 2012 is the Year of Increase? My word has not changed. The prosperity awaits you, but you must obey to receive. Any man who speaks evil of the American economy or about job losses is a false prophet. This is not my plan. This is the voice of demonic oppression that wants to enslave the American people. I have said it and will continue to say that Increase awaits you America, but the choice is yours. My servant Obama has prosperity in his hands; an anointing I have given him to prosper the nations of the world. He has the plan; it is a supernatural plan that I have designed first for America, and then for the rest of the world. It is done says God. I love America too much to let her fail. She came after me. She sought me out at the foundation of this nation. Such a demonstration of love has never been proven by any nation, not even Israel whom I sought after . . . No, it is and always has been America because she came to me with a willing heart to create a Promised Land flowing with milk and honey; a prosperous land that will undergird the nations of the world. This is my plan. It will be done by Mr. Obama and the remnant I have chosen to bring this nation; my beloved child America back to her place of greatness in me. And oh, how the nations who have counted her out, will turn and see my magnificence upon her and they will run to her shores to learn about me and my Kingdom that will operate on this earth as it is in heaven. How is it in heaven you ask? It’s my glorious home where there is only wealth, healing and unlimited supply of every good thing, and it is yours for the taking America. Obama has the plan. He is the man that I have chosen for this task in this hour; for such a time as this.”
“The opposition will be sadden and will seek to retaliate against the man I have chosen, but know this, to retaliate against him will be a retaliation against me” says, God. They are men of great wealth and power who have illegal and immoral ways of oppressing the poor. This demonic is embedded in their institutions. They claim to be people of faith, but they know not me, or my ways. They are impostors who lead astray simple minds who are impressed by their much learning and gathering of wealth. They are hoarders whom I have cursed in this season. If they change not their ways, they will lose their wealth. If they continue to fight against me, they will lose their lives. I am God and will not be mocked by any man; no matter how much wisdom and wealth he has gained. It all belongs to me, and I decide who has possession of the wealth. You evil rich men have brought this country to the ruin, but I have a people amongst you who have been given the plan to prosper America. I will take your wealth and give it to them. They have my heart for the people. They have my anointing to get my plan done in the earth. This my Kingdom hour to demonstrate my goodness and mercy to all mankind, and it will be done in America whom I have chosen for this demonstration so that all men can see that I am God and I have always loved my human creation; and have only plans to do you good and not evil. I love you, come to me and see the great and mighty plan I have for your lives.”

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Dear Christian, Have You Been Converted?

Jesus said that unless a man is born again, he cannot see, understand or 
enter into the Kingdom of God  John 3:3
On December 31, we posted a prayer for the American Church to be saved. This morning I was awaken by the Spirit of the Lord saying that those in the church have not been converted. They joined a faith movement and/or a church without conversion. By this we mean that the people were never born again nor do they have the Spirit of God residing within their human spirits. When the love of God is poured into your spirit by the Holy Spirit, it causes you to see and react differently to the world around you. It’s a process of supernatural transformation that begins in the hearts of men who truly want Jesus to take over their lives. This is the portal of entry into the Kingdom of God. Without this conversion everything about God and his Kingdom would look nonsensical.

It is insane for Christian leaders to criticize Americans for the choices they make against God. Their hearts have not been converted so they have no ability to see, hear or obey God. It is the job of the church to be the loving example that draws men to God. Unfortunately, many church leaders are also unconverted, so they have no ability to draw men. I know, because my first call to the church was to administer healing and deliverance to pastors and leaders. I would hold training sessions and the Lord would have me make altar calls for pastors to get saved. There were times when the Lord would have me command them to receive the love of God; and when they did, many of them were on their faces asking God for forgiveness. It was the first time that many of them realized that God was love. They had been disconnected from him all that time they were in ministry.This is a serious problem in the church. Even last year we posted discussions about the Babylonian Church in America; in one post I described a vision in which God showed the American Church as strong and buff, but it had no head. It was never connected to Jesus or God’s Kingdom. It was a headless giant. Consequently, people don’t have to be converted, they just have to repeat a simple prayer and they are told that’s all that is required to be saved. No! The Kingdom of God is about transformation of the human heart. It’s all about change. For some it is an immediate change. For others it began at salvation and increased over time, but change always happens to any human that encounters the True and Living God.

People in the church are told that if they are not experiencing change its because they are just “carnal Christians.”Ones who are lead by their emotions, thoughts and cravings of the mind and body. There are denominations of Christians being taught that the Bible is some Utopian dream that only Jesus was able to fulfill; that people today could never have that way of life. Wrong again! Only people who are converted will be able to fulfill what Jesus did. In fact, Jesus said that we could do even greater works than he did. So what’s the problem? These leaders are not teaching about conversion or about the process of mind renewal and being a living sacrifice for God. Instead, they teach Christianity based upon what the people want to hear. It’s a democratic form of religion that has nothing to do with God or his Kingdom. They see the Kingdom as nonsense, and yet that is the only thing that Jesus came to preach; the Kingdom way of living and thinking. Carnality is not part of the equation. The Lord gave me a personal revelation saying, “A carnal Christian is an oxymoron. It doesn’t exist.”You are either pregnant or not. There is no in between state of health. The same is true with Christianity. According to the Lord, what has happened in America is many who accepted Jesus turned around and aborted the seed of his word. He also said that the problem with abortion in America began when the church began aborting the plan and purpose of God. The Lord says that there are far more “abortionist in the church”than there have been in the abortion clinics. These have become the tare among the wheat in the church; those who look and act like Christians but they have neither the Spirit or love of God in them. 
2013 is the Year of Supernatural Transformation and God wants it to begin in the church!
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Sons of Anarchy Attempt to Lead Americans Astray

Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.
Psalm 105:15

Today’s post was given to me a week ago, but because of the nature of this discussion, I have kept it in prayer until the Lord wanted me to release it. A word of correction to the Body or its leaders is never easy, but it becomes necessary so that a public wrong can be corrected publicly and all men can learn to fear God. The Lord has told me to identify what he has called the “Sons of Anarchy” in the Christian church. My direct command was to “Name Them” publicly and to “Release it today.” Please understand that there are other men and women of God who are guilty of lawlessness in his Kingdom, but the Lord wants to set an example with these three men so that we all will know how God expects us to conduct ourselves during time and season.

The Bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm (Psalm 105:15). God has identified three men of God who have violated this very law; they are Andrew Wommack, Rick Joyner and Kenneth Copeland. They have spoken the word of God in truth, yet they have argued with the outcome of God’s word as it relates to America and President Obama. Can both sweet and bitter water come from the same fountain? So, how are you men of God able to speak a blessing to the people of God and then curse them because they followed the instructions of the Lord as they exercised their right to vote in this nation? Do you not realize that you have undermined both the Kingdom of God and that of the United States? Why defile the flesh by rejecting authority and speaking evil of dignitaries? Why has your mouth caused you to sin? God is neither Democrat, Republican, Conservative nor Liberal. God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours. God forbid the day that any of us would forget this.

The Lord likens you “Sons of Anarchy” to those who were in the rebellion of Korah during Moses’ day. Korah assembled two hundred fifty men who sought to overthrow the authority of Moses and his brother Aaron. Korah wanted to lead the people because they didn’t like how things were going in the camp. God just needed them to stay in their own lane and do what he told them to do but that wasn’t good enough for Korah. They wanted to lead, and yet they were not anointed to lead. God anointed Moses and Aaron to lead. The same is happening in our nation. There are leaders of the church who want to lead the nation, but they are not anointed to lead anything but the ministries God gave to them. God has anointed President Obama to do a work in our nation. It has been prophesied over and over since the mid 2000’s and yet men and women of God continue to fight the very words that God has given to his congregation. In a broadcast on election night, Mr. Copeland admitted that in 2008, the Lord told said that he had given America back to the church. He was also given a word from God saying that the Body of Christ would be pleased with the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. So, why are they still complaining? Why aren’t they pleased? They are walking by sight and not by faith. God is doing something so new in America and he can’t even trust his prophets to reveal the truth.

The Lord reminded me of what was written in The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume I. He said that the church would not recognize him when he moved during this season. He also said that his people would fight against him and call his work that of the devil; and many would die in their sins. That is exactly what happened to Korah. They refused to back down and almost fifteen thousand people were killed in a day. The same is about to happen in America. When God calls a man or woman into a position of authority, God expects us to honor his anointed ones as unto God. So, when we war against God’s anointed, we are actually warring against God. Korah learned this lesson the hard way. God forbid that any of us would fall in similar fashion. He is beckoning his people to repent.

The Holy Spirit gave me a vision of how we all should be behaving in this season. He showed a horse with a bit in his mouth and blinders on his eyes,”staying in our own lane, not looking to the left nor right, but walking circumspectly” before him. Finally, he gave me a somewhat crude yet strong word picture about those who may not lose their lives. The Spirit of God said that these “would be caught with their pants down.”It happened to King Saul as he relieved himself in a cave (I Samuel 24:1-7) and it could happened to anyone who opposes God’s anointed. 

We give a special thanks to Wendy and Rory Alec of GOD TV for having the boldness to obey God to not only post but to air on their network a prophecy for America and President Obama; and a call for the church to repent. For those who missed our previous posting of this prophecy; follow the link to read it on GOD TV network.  EPIC Books and Cafe is in the process of updating this page to highlight the key prophecies God has given us to post online. Stay Tuned.
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Keeping Simple Things Simple

And as Jesus sat at the table in the house, many tax collectors and sinners came and sat down with him and his disciples.
Matthew 9:10

Recently Matthew Chapter 9 caught my attention. It says that Jesus was on his way home, and when he went in his house and sat down to eat, many tax collectors and sinners came and sat down with him and his disciples. And then it hit me. Jesus was a Rabbi who was taught not to mingle nor eat with those whom Jews considered unclean, and yet not only did they follow him home, but they went into his home and sat down with him. What compelled these sinners to go into the home of a Rabbi and then sit at his table? Were they just curious about his teachings or his miracles? I’m sure that got their attention, but it would take more for them to enter his home and sit at his table. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see that Jesus demonstrated “genuine love toward sinners.” “Jesus was open and receptive, and sinners found him approachable.”Beloved Christian, do sinners find you open, receptive or approachable? When was the last time that you sat down and even talked with a homosexual, or even comforted a woman who had an abortion? What about the homeless, the prisoner, drug addict or prostitute? Jesus came to seek and save the lost. What are you doing to continue his mission? Where is your compassion for someone other than yourselves? I hear the Lord saying, “In as much as you have done such to one of the least of these, you have done it unto me.””Repent,” says the Lord. “Time is short and the end is near! Lay all things aside and follow me! Repent and prepare for judgment.  The time is near when I will judge all men of their works. Repent and follow me.”

Saints, we have no more excuses. Don’t worry about who is in political office or what laws have been passed. We have a commission to follow and a work to complete before Jesus can return to earth. He can’t reach the lost unless we do our part. We need to put down our differences and open the door of our hearts to the wounded.

Keep the Simple Things Simple: it’s all about loving God and loving our neighbors.

I close with a song that beautifully echoes this same message,
 Jesus, Friend of Sinners by Casting Crowns.
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