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“Let It Go! God’s Got It!”

Beloved, there is a message that is echoing loudly from the heavens. “LET IT GO! GOD’S GOT IT!”

God is in the process of Blessing His people in ways this world has never seen. It’s not a time to walk in strife like those who don’t know God. It is time to walk in love, as God is Love. It’s time to walk in the Promises of God. He is releasing them into our lives, even as I speak. We are Kings of God’s Kingdom. We don’t argue and strive with people. We declare God’s Word and let Him do the work.

So, let go of people the things that did not work out the way you planned. God is about to deal with them all. This is His Season of Judgment. God will give unto every man what he has earned in this hour. Don’t interfere with the judgment of God. There are things going on behind the scene, that you know not of. Even wicked and rebellious men are working for the God of Heaven whom they hate. You just declare the Word that God had given you to speak. Then speak it, and live it in the presence of your enemies. God will bring it to pass no matter what men have tried to do to stop Him.

Know this. God cannot be stopped. Mankind is not big enough to stop Him. Keep walking in the purpose. Keep praising and lifting up the Lord of Hosts and He will demonstrate Himself as the King of Glory, walking in all the power of heaven in your situation.

You have heard it say to “let go, and Let God.” Today the Lord would have you, “Let it go. God’s Got it!” Just get ready to receive the mighty Wealth Transfer that is about to explode in our midst. You must let people and things go, in order to receive. Don’t worry about your enemies. God will deal with them straightaway. They are not getting away with anything. Just keep your hands and hearts clean to receive the Blessing and not the Curse in this season.

All is well. God’s got your back. You can never fail because The Greater One is In You!

God Declares His Hour Of Vengeance

Here is the latest Prophecy from Almighty God.

This is the hour of the vengeance of our Lord. He will avenge His People of their enemies. “Every evil plot against the People of God will backfire,” says God. “No weapon formed against them shall prosper in this My Hour of Vengeance. Take heed as to how you treat My People, for they are My Anointed Ones, chosen to do My Will in this hour. What you plot against them will backfire on you. You will be caught in your own trap and snare. Beware how you treat them, for you touch not only My Anointed, but The Apple of My Eye. What you do to them, you do to me. Vegeance is mine and I WILL REPAY! THIS IS MY HOUR TO REWARD EVERY MAN FOR HIS DEEDS. I WILL REPAY, EVERY ONE!”