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EXPOSED: Every Plot & Scheme Against The People Of God

Beloved, The Lord has been speaking adamantly about exposing the secrets  of our nation and those around the world. Whatever has been plotted behind the closed doors is about to be broadcast around the world. The devil is promoting a lie in our nation and God is about to expose the culprits behind this plot. The people might be marching in the streets, but God’s Truth is marching on to victory in America!
“The secret things belong to me,” says God. “I will expose that which is hidden in the earth; every unknown resource and bounty. I will also expose every lying scheme and plot against men in the earth; the lies and plots against My people.”“What was done in the dark will be brought into the light. That which was spoken in closets in secret will be shouted on the rooftops. Likewise every secret plan I will reveal to My people to make clear their inheritance.””I will manifest my secret wish to bless and proposer My people this day! Yes, the secret things belong to me,” says God. “And I will reveal them all: both bad and good.”
Here is the final word, “All the players are in place for me to execute My judgment upon them. No one will escape my judgment,” says Almighty God.

God Cautions His People To “Tread Lightly” In This NEW Kingdom Way!

Beloved, when the Lord says that He is doing a NEW THING, it is always wise to “Tread Lightly.” God’s Kingdom is moving in our midst in ways no man has ever seen before. The Lord told me to tell His People not to be quick in judging what they see, not to be quick to rely on what they know, or what people around them are saying. I keep hearing in the spirit, that “Eye hath not seen, nor hath our ears heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of men, what God is doing in our midst. It’s being revealed by His Spirit.”

God has ordained change for our nation. This is not about President-Elect Donald Trump. It’s bigger than any one man or any nation. This is about God’s Kingdom taking center stage and reigning in this earth. It’s about the Love of God being unleashed in the earth, and yet people are protesting in the streets against what they think is hatred. It’s not hatred they are coming against. They are protesting against A MOVE OF GOD in our nation.  Unbelievers are expected to do such things. They don’t know God, but when Christians speak evil and demonstrate against the “Authority God ordained,” we bring judgment upon our selves. You don’t have to like President Elect Donald Trump, but Christians are commanded to honor him by praying for him and for all who are in authority so that we can lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness (I Timothy 2:1-3).  God anointed this man to leader our nation. God also said to “Touch not my anointed,” or suffer the consequences of heaven’s judgment.

According to the Spirit of God, we are in the “last of the end-times.” These are the days in which Jesus said there would be such deception that if it were possible to fool even the very elect of God (Mark 13:22). Beloved, if you have prayers before the Throne of Grace, you best keep your heart and mind in line with what God is doing in America. Trust God. Even if you don’t understand what He is doing. Walk in forgiveness. Walk in love with all people. Honor God, and He will honor you. This is indeed a NEW THING that God is doing in the earth. If you want part of this former and latter rain, you must obey God regardless of what you think, hear or see. See that you walk circumspectly, not as fools who don’t know God (Ephesians 5:15). Take a stand for God and His word and you shall surely prosper in this New Season!


God Faults American Leaders For Coming Bloodbath

This morning I am reminded of a vision the Lord had given me 2001. It was a vision of Blood on the Capitol Dome.

“It was Thanksgiving morning at about 2:00 a.m.  The Lord startled me out of a deep sleep by showing the United States Capitol Building with blood oozing from the dome.  Then blood began to pour.  He said, ‘The American people will be held hostage.’  I began to pray and the Lord stopped me.  He said there was nothing I could do to stop it.  He blamed it on our government practices of many years.” Excerpt From: “The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume I.”

For the past few of months, the Lord keeps returning me to this vision. He says that the time is now. According to God, “This is the price of the American Status Quo.” Repeating what God said about this event. “there was nothing  . . . to stop it.” Only the Grace and Power of God can save America from this doom.

Election 2016 Was Not God’s Concern, An Eminent Attack WAS!

The Holy Spirit had more to say about Election 2016 results.

“Who wins the election is of no concern to God. It is the corruption and events that led up to the election that has caused our leaders to be judged GUILTY in the eyes of God. President Obama was warned about tragedy. He refused to heed the warnings. He didn’t want to be upstaged, and yet what is coming to America will upstage us all!”

“Instead of saving millions of American lives by allowing God’s people to prepare to save this nation from harm, President Obama hindered their safety plan from operating. Corrupt business practices of this nation’s leaders have caused the entire nation to be judged GUILTY.”

America’s Greatest Danger Is Upon Us, According To God

During prayer early this morning, the Holy Spirit spoke the following words to my spirit.

“This is the hour of America’s greatest danger, and yet God’s Kingdom’s greatest time to demonstrate His Power; Power over death, Power over lack, Power to rule in the midst of our enemies. Occupation is certain. Yet, the enemy shall not prevail in his plot to destroy this nation. For I have a Blood Covenant with these My People in the Land. Surely, I shall uphold Them by My Mighty Hand, and you shall see, the entire world will come to know Who I Am, That Great I Am, The First And Last, The Beginning And The End, For I AM AND WAS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE The One True God Who loves My Creation like no human ever could. I will raise and honor My People in the midst of utter destruction on these American shores. And I Alone, will restore this nation to My Design, To My Glory that I purposed for her since the foundation of the world. Righteousness shall prevail in America, for I have purposed it. I have spoken. Surely I will bring it to pass by My Power in this the earth’s final hours before the return of My Son,” says the Omnipotent One, The Almighty God of Heaven and Earth.”

Rebellious Ones, Why Do You Fight Against God?

“If this counsel of this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God (Acts 5:39)”

The Lord said that many are striving with him in this hour, especially in America. “You have targeted a person with whom you disagree. Instead of coming to me and asking what is going on, you have determined to take the matter into your own hands. You fight not against a human, but against me,” says Almighty God. “You have no chance of winning in this battle; and if you do not repent you will definitely lose your life and that of your family and close associates. You have striven with me long enough, and not once has it entered into your heart to come before me and inquire about the matter; nor have you fallen to your knees in repentance.  Who are you that you feel capable of striving with your very Maker? What power do you possess? What secret alliance do you have that allows your heart to feel puffed up against my servants? Why do you give me no honor? Why do you continue to kick against the pricks? No ye not, that they will not move? This is a work of my doing. This is not, nor was it ordered by a human being. I alone have called this woman before you. I alone have ordered her steps against you and your paganism. My hand is on all she does, for she only does what I have commanded. I have many in your nation who will serve me, but you are leading a rebellion against me; a rebellion that will be squashed in good time. For I will not allow it to continue. I love people too much to have you block their way to my throne in their hour of need. There are many suffering in your nation. They cry out to me daily, but do your hear? Are you prepared to answer the cries of the dead and those who are dying? No!” says Almighty God. “You indeed are the ones leading them to death. You continue to block the way to my Light that will allow prosperity to reign once again in your nation. Ask yourselves, “Who are we that can stop Almighty God? Who are we that we can strive with our Maker and win?” You dear ones, that I love, are mere dust. Your lives are but a vapor, but in good time you will appear before my throne to answer for all you have done; both for and against my people. Are you ready to meet your Maker? For your time is up. Your reign of terror is over.  Your reign of tyranny will stand no longer. I will free the people and they will live, but you, dearly beloved will not live if you continue to defy me. For every bullet you imagine to strike my servants, will come back upon you, your husband, your children and all who are associated with you. Your evil must end today,” says God. “For I will not allow the people to continue to suffer at your hands. My Will, will be done in America, despite your efforts to destroy this nation and its people. My loving kindness I will pour out on all flesh, but to those who oppose me, there will only be terror, pain and suffering, even death. I wish that no one is hurt, but you must make the choice; to obey me is to live, to defy me is sudden death. I have spoken and it shall be done in short order by My power and by none else,” says Almighty God.

While God was speaking these words, there was this man, the husband of the woman he addressed at the end of this prophecy. The man seemed pleased that his wife was fighting God. It was almost as if he hoped she would get killed, but here is what the Lord said, “Just like Adam hid while the devil used Eve and caused her to sin, you too have sat back and watched the devil use your wife. Just like Adam, this sin is laid to your account. You sir, have heard the voice of God. Your wife is deceived. Not only will she be punished, but you and your entire family will suffer because of your sinful plot against your own flesh. This treachery against your wife and children is abominable. You dishonor marriage and fatherhood. I created marriage as a reflection of the love relationship between me and my son, and my son and His church. I Am the Father of all creation. You sir, have dishonored me and all that I deem holy. Repent or burn in the Lake of Fire.”