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It’s Time To Jump Into The River Of God’s Spirit!

The Mighty River (Prophecy)

God Said, “Open Their Eyes To See”

“Then, I saw The Mighty River, which was all the Wisdom, Goodness and Power of God flowing in this earth; a Powerful River flowing out of a Tsunami on the ocean. Waves were crashing against what seemed to be a fortified wall, that surrounded a circular path. I was not sure what this wall or path was. Then there were intermittent openings in this vast wall. The Powerful River forced its way into the openings.”

“The Tsunami was the Kingdom of God in the earth. The wall was the way of the world. The path was the way that seems right to a man, but the end of which are the ways of death. The openings were the hearts of mankind; that were open to receiving from the Kingdom of God around the earth. There were very few open to what God wanted for their lives. But those who could see and hear, did magnificent exploits in the earth. Who were they? Those who saw what others never saw. They heard what others could never see. These were the Sons of God in the earth.

It’s Time!

Waging War In These Last Days

Beloved, these are the end of the last days that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24.  He said, “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows . . . But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

These are perilous times. How does God expect His people to endure to the end? First we understand that the battle for the souls of men belongs to God. Therefore it must be done God’s way. We are expected to submit to God, resist the devil and continue to resist until he flees (James 4:7). Our greatest weapon is love; God is love ( I John 4:8). When tempers flare and people threaten one another, this is not God’s way of waging war. Our enemies are not people, but the demonic spirits that orchestrate their behaviors. This is a spiritual war. You cannot say that you love God, and hate your brother. He who hates his brother is a murderer (I John 3:15). Murderers have no place in God’s Kingdom.  They get only death.

Therefore dear ones, do not fight evil with evil, but resist evil with love. Pray much. Listen and obey God more. Walk in love.  Love (God) never fails (I Corinthians 13:8).

Terrorism Is Real, But So Is The Wrath Of God

Beloved, God has released the prophecy for 2016. It is the Year Of Total Restoration. We are also seeing an increase in terrorism, that is to be expected. God has announced an end to oppression and evil in this world and the devil is moving upon men to counter attack. Believe it or not, not everyone wants to do good. People have become successful in this Babylonian system in which people steal, kill and destroy for a living. God says that enough is enough. He is taking this world back by his spirit.

There is no need to fear unless you are fighting against the People of God. If you are plotting against them, every evil plot will backfire. The angels are here and ready to defeat everyone who is fighting against God. Likewise, the angels are eagerly protecting all those who are following God. Just know that this is not about terrorism. It is not about Muslims either. What is happening, is that God is moving mightily by His Spirit and the devil is mad. Islam is not our enemy. The Muslims are not our enemies. The devil is the enemy spirit that is working to disrupt God plans, but it will not work. God is moving on. His Truth is marching on! His wrath will be seen in this hour!

The Master Strategy of Winning the Spiritual War in 2013

The word of the Lord concerning 2013 has been flowing since late November. So far we have been told to expect supernatural transformation during a time in which darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness the people. To arise and shine in this new season, we will have to walk in love and spiritual maturity. Part of spiritual maturity requires that we identify and conquer the enemies that want to destroy our purpose in life. We will identify three specific areas of spiritual warfare that will be waged against those desiring to step into their places of destiny in 2013. 
These three areas of conflict include: 
  1. Our personal (inner) rebellion against God, 
  2. Our negative interactions with others; both believers and non-believers, and
  3. Our stand against the merchants of war and oppression who will do all in their power to stop positive change from occurring. 

If one conquers the first area of conflict then he or she can significantly lessen the negative impact of the other two areas. When the Spirit of God talked to me about the darkness and these areas of spiritual warfare, he showed me the overall strategy for winning the war. He reminded me of a personal example from my own life in which all three areas of warfare tried to over take me in one night. The Lord also gave me a biblical example to share that will explain the necessity of conquering the enemy on all fronts. Before we get to those examples, I want to relay to you what God called the “Master Strategy of Winning the War.”

The Bible says that the battle belongs to the Lord (II Chronicles 20:15). I would say that the battle, the war, the strategy and the combatants are all in the Hands of the Lord. He showed me an open field in the spirit realm, that he called the “theater of war.” I saw the Lord strategically select and order the combatants on the field in the time and place of His choosing. He also strategically placed on that field, His anointed ones; ones who had been groomed and trained by God to destroy any and all combatants that entered that field. God’s anointed were Kingdom warriors who had slain every enemy from their past and now they were ready to take on the Goliaths of their generation. God’s warriors entered the field armed with faith; and in the strength of their Lord.

Since God planned the war, he also knew the strategy of every enemy that entered that field. It was to the advantage of the anointed warriors to stay as close to God as possible so that he or she could learn the plan of the enemy and counter with God’s plan of defeat . . . and when they did, they emerged victorious in every battle. THIS IS GOD’S PLAN FOR ALL PEOPLE! This was God’s plan for your life before the foundation of the world. It was always a plan for you to be victorious in this world of darkness.
Beloved, every boogie man, demon spirit, generational curse, evil word or deed sent against you, was sent by Satan because he wanted to discourage and defeat you before you could appear in the “Big Show”that was destined to propel you into your destiny. If you are still breathing, you still have a chance to block the devil’s game and take home the victory. Turn your hearts to God and let him show you the plan and strategy for your victory. It’s not too late for you to turn things around.
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Spiritual Maturity is a Necessity in 2013

One of the key requirements for succeeding in 2013 and beyond, will be that of spiritual maturity. There is a cry in the spirit for strong leadership; bold, mature spiritual parenting. The Lord keeps driving this point into my spirit. He blames the dysfunction in America on immature, petty and selfish leadership. People in our nation are suffering. Those appointed to be spiritual fathers and leaders are themselves dysfunctional and in need of deliverance. The masses are crying out for help. God is sending in men and women who have a heart to save the oppressed. This is the primary reason that Barack Obama was re-elected as this nation’s president. His heart is aligned with God for the sake of the American people. He has a heart to lift the oppression off the backs of the people. The church on the other hand cannot hear the cries of the people, nor are they willing to answer the call of God to help the oppressed. God has no choice but to overthrow the church and raise up spiritual leaders who will display his compassion for the people. 
The Spirit of God also gave me a strong word about men in this hour. What I am about to say will anger some, but stay with me and you will learn why so many American families, businesses and churches are suffering. 
God’s Kingdom operates by a military command structure in which men are given the top leadership ranking in the family and in the church. It doesn’t mean that men are superior, it means that God needed someone to be the “fall guy” and since Adam was created before Eve, men have been chosen to be first. God gave Adam direct orders not to eat from the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden. The serpent tricked Eve into eating from the tree. Where was Adam when his wife was being seduced by evil? He was standing there with her. He did nothing to stop her from talking to the serpent. He did nothing to stop her from eating the fruit. In short, Adam did not protect his wife. In fact, after she ate the fruit, she handed it to Adam and he ate too. When God called out Adam for his sin, he never took responsibility for his own actions. He put the blame on Eve for giving him the fruit. To make matters worse, he had the audacity to blame God for giving him Eve. Adam was given spiritual authority as head of his family, but when he chose to blame others rather than be a man and take responsibility for his own behavior, he caused his family, and all families of the earth to be cursed. This brings us upfront and center to what God is requiring in 2013. God is calling Americans to “Man-Up” and take their authority as mature, responsible, and loving leaders for the sake of their families, their businesses and this nation.
While giving me this prophetic word about 2013, the Lord brought to my memory what he told me years ago about the importance of spiritual leadership in the home. He asked me to reflect on what happens in a real life war situation. The Lord said that during war the enemy overtakes the man, rapes the women and makes slaves of the children. The same thing happens when a man becomes bound to sin, perversion and rebellion. His family is taken hostage by the enemy. Take a look at America. Sexual perversion and violence are rampant because fathers continue to do what Adam did. Consequently, curses are operating in the lives of men, woman and children who never had a chance at a normal life. Fast forward to business, industry and politics. The same men who were not capable of leadership in the home, attempt to lead in the market place. The curse falls upon the work place. The church is supposed to be different. The Bible says that if a man cannot rule his own house he should not be allowed to lead in the house of God; but it is well known that preacher’s kids can be some of the most defiant people in the church. It all stems from what is going on with the father. The curse that operates in the home is translated into the church. Too many men of God are out of order with God. Don’t get me wrong, there are women and children out of order with God too, but in the eyes of God, the family, church or business is not capable of falling in line unless the man falls in line first. 
Here’s an important point to understand. No one can make a man stand up and be a man. This can only be done by God. There are wounded men out here who have no idea of what it means to be a man because they have no role models. They are doing the best they can under the circumstances. God’s ideal situation is for men to take spiritual authority over the circumstances, but until a man turns his life over to God, he will never have a clue as to what is expected of him. So, what can we do in the meantime? Remember, God’s order is military. Men are always considered first because Adam was created first. You definitely do not want to find yourself insubordinate to your superior ranking officer, so take your complaint directly to God in prayer. Wait for him to give you directions to follow, and don’t pull rank by telling your superior that you have taken the situation to God. Keep the peace at all costs. Things must be done decently and in order. If you are out of order, it will cause the curse to flourish even more. Your objective is to replace the curse with the blessing.
The prophet Isaiah said that there would be a time where darkness would cover the earth, the gross darkness the people (Isaiah 60:2-3). That time is now. The current leadership of Christian church in America is not equipped to handle the level of darkness that is coming upon the earth. God is changing and reordering leadership over his people. He is raising up mighty men, women and children who are tired of the oppression and who have a heart to make a difference in the lives of others. 
They will Arise and Shine and triumph victoriously!

Stay tuned next time, as we identify three (3) specific areas of spiritual warfare that need to be conquered by leaders who want to embark upon their destinies in 2013 and beyond.

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Don’t Be Trapped by Unexpected Evil Times

 . . . as fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare, so men are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them.
Ecclesiastes 9:12
It should be apparent to all who dwell in the earth; we are in an unfamiliar time and season of change.  We have stepped into a portal of time that has never existed before.  We are destined to see and experience things we have never experienced before; things that have been prophesied by John the Revelator and Jesus Christ, himself.  For those who follow the leading of God’s Spirit, it will be a time of splendor and abundant provision; but for those who reject the wisdom of God it will be a time of massive horrors.  These are the End-Times as prophesied in the Bible. 
This is the time when God has determined to reclaim the earth as his holy habitation.  God is in the process of destroying the kingdoms of this world and setting up His Kingdom that will reign forever on the earth.  Think it not strange that the nations of the world are struggling politically and economically; it was part of God’s plan.  So what do we do?  Seek out God’s plan.  Seek out His Plan for your life, for your family, for your business, your community, state and nation.  God’s plan is the only plan that will survive when the world-wide shaking is over.  And, expect this shaking to continue; in fact, it will increase as time gets closer to Jesus’ return to the earth.  
Why be snared by the trouble coming to this earth; when God has all the answers you need to survive and thrive in the years to come?  When the Prophet Daniel explained about God’s Kingdom coming upon the earth; he let King Nebuchadnezzar know that all kingdoms of this world would be destroyed; HOWEVER, he also said that wisdom and power belonged to the God who changes the times and seasons and sets up kings and deposes them.  Even with all his power to do such things, Daniel said that God gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those with a discerning heart.  God reveals the deep and hidden secret things to those who enquire of him.  Don’t be trapped by evil times.  Ask God to reveal his plan, Seek him with an earnest heart, Knock on heaven’s door until you get the answer and instructions you desire.  Obey whatever God tells you to do and your actions will be your shield of faith to protect you from the evil times to come.

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The Race is Not to the Swift or the Battle to the Strong

Over the past week, I have been spending quiet time in prayer; listening to the voice of God talk about the time and season in which we live.  2012 is perhaps the greatest year of destiny for us all.  Those who are listening to God and who are bold enough to obey his instructions will certainly prevail victoriously.  
The Lord has been speaking much about this year’s US presidential race.  If I had one caution for American voters; it would be to listen to God and not to the political rhetoric; don’t even evaluate candidates based upon their promises or by the economic situation we face.  The Hand of God is moving this nation in a different direction than we have ever experienced before.  No human running for office can see or predict what he or she will do; because the future of America is about to take a sudden and remarkable shift from normal.  This shift will stun many and shock others; but the man and woman who keeps God in the forefront of their hearts and minds will be prepared.
2012 is the Year of Increase; increase in prosperity and wisdom for those obedient to God.  It’s not a political thing; it’s not a human reasoning thing; it’s not even a Bible, Church or Christian thing.  It is a Kingdom of God thing.  God’s wisdom: his ways of thinking and doing things is higher than our human minds can conceive; and when God’s wisdom moves upon the hearts of men it forces us to see things from a new prospective.  God’s wisdom forces us to change.  The wisdom of men is in direct opposition to the wisdom of God; therefore God’s wisdom will not be the popular opinion; at first.  
This race will not be given to swift or the strong; not even to the man who is going after the vote; but to the man who is going after God.  The one who is listening and waiting on God to direct his every move will prevail in this race.  The Hand of God is taking over the helm of the American Ship and we are about to sail into raging uncharted waters.  Be of good cheer!  The one who calms the roaring seas is on our ship!  Although the sailing will continue to be rough; the final destination will be everlasting prosperity!

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The Power of Submitting to God’s Authority

 “On My Own, I can Do Nothing . . . I Don’t Seek My Own Will, but the Will of the Father . . .”
John 5:30
God gave Jesus all power in heaven and earth.  Because he was in perfect submission under God, Jesus could speak a command from heaven and the blind could see, the lame could walk; and the dead would return to life.  Jesus did and spoke only what God commanded; and when he did money appeared in the mouth of a fish, water was turned to wine and food was multiplied to feed a multitude. Before he left the earth, Jesus gave this same power to the church and told us to go into all the world blessing, multiplying and replenishing all the nations.  So, what happened to the power of God’s Kingdom in America?  It is practically nonexistence because Christians refuse to submit to God’s authority. 

“In the Kingdom of God, the church has been given all spiritual authority over the heavens and the earth.  A rebellious church is one that is out of God’s order; which means that everything under the church’s authority is also out of God’s order. 

It is no surprise that the government and many American businesses are faltering. What appears in the physical realm of the earth always begins with a spiritual seed that was sown.  God has placed his people in every industry and branch of government in this country; not to earn a paycheck, but to hold down a kingdom military post as an intercessor.  Where ever God places his people, there is a plan to prosper that organization. 

Christians by design are called to be innovators and people of excellence; but if we are rebelling against God, what was meant to be a blessing flowing out of our spirits, will instead become a curse upon everything we do.  This is what happened to Adam in the Garden.  He was created to bless and multiply creation causing it to prosper with God’s abundance; but when he turned and did his own thing, he could only multiply the curse in the earth.  The same thing is happening in America because the church has turned away from God.”

“The State of the Union (According to Heaven)”
The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume II
by Paula Matthews
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The Crown of Life: Our INCREASE for Enduring the Battle

“Blessed is the Man Who Endures Temptation; For
After He is Tried He Shall Receive the Crown of Life”
James 1:12
We have been talking about 2012: The Year of Increase; and what is required to obtain that increase from God. This weekend the Lord called me to fasting and prayer. In a vision, the Spirit of God showed me a timeline of human existence that began at creation and extended into eternity. He showed how he carefully selected specific time frames and specific people and events within that time frame to accomplish his mission to reclaim the earth as His Earthly Kingdom. Theologically speaking, we would call these time frames special dispensations of God’s Spirit. 

Then the Lord showed how he specifically chose to use the Body of Christ as a spiritual Trojan Horse to infiltrate and overtake evil territories and end the satanic war of world oppression; so that he (God) might bestow upon his mighty faithful warriors the highest military honors ever awarded by the Kingdom of God upon men. There will never be another time like the time in which we live. There will never be another people chosen and equipped to excel in battle over the evil that has gripped the hearts and souls of men for thousands of years; and for those who faithfully accomplish their kingdom orders; they shall receive the Crown of Life. This is our INCREASE for going into combat and enduring the battle.

Just like the Old Testament heroes and Early Church Apostles; future generations in the next millennium and beyond will read about our stories. We are the Last Apostles. There are none after us. Never another age like the one in which we live. We are the warriors called to battle and win for the Kingdom. We are called and equipped for the ultimate victory against all the evil of this generation. And those who dare to believe will arise; and yes there will be many who will arise and stand boldly against the evil of this age and cripple the powers of darkness; yeah even crush Satan under our feet. We are victors ready to run to the battle and reclaim territory and release the captives from their evil oppressors in order to resume the plan of peace and prosperity God designed for the earth. Not as man designed; but a plan of equity for all men regardless of their wealth or position; every need will be supplied and every desire fulfilled when God’s Kingdom is fully realized in the millennium. And such peace; glorious peace will reign in the earth. Such as never was seen except at creation. 

“This is my plan,” says God; “To increase you more and more you and your children; that you might acquire the inheritance that I have planned for your welfare since the beginning of the world. Yeah it is an earthly inheritance more than you can imagine. . . . And it is yours
for the taking for all who would believe.”

If we endure; we will reign with Him (II Timothy 2:12)
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Don’t Lose Courage in The Day of Trouble

‘If you faint in the time of trouble; your strength is weak.’
Proverbs 24:10

Things are tough, but I urge each of you to stay in faith! Don’t make decisions based on fear; fear of what the media says, fear of what those around you are saying. Don’t even be moved by the fear that may creep into your own heart and mind.  God has not given us a spirit of fear.  He has given us power through His Holy Spirit; who releases God’s love and wisdom to the followers of Jesus Christ in earth. Therefore, obey the wisdom God has sent from heaven and has deposited in your hearts.  Don’t be moved by what you see going on in the world around you.  

Take a look at the example of the Children of Israel living as slaves in Egypt. God, thru Moses commanded that Pharaoh let his people go, and when Pharaoh refused, God sent plagues against Egypt. God sent plagues not only to free His People, but to demonstrate to all of Egypt, that He, Jehovah God is Supreme in Might over all the gods of Egypt (Exodus 12:12). Today we are seeing a great “shaking” going on all over the world. God is releasing his people from bondage so that they can do his will in the earth. He also wants to demonstrate that even today He(God) is still the Supreme Power in the universe.

But get this. In Moses; day the greatest demonstration of God’s power was not so much the plagues, as it was the fact, that none of the plagues infected the place where God’s people lived.  Because these were God’s people, none of the plagues touched them.  When God turned the Nile into blood, the Children of Israel had clean water. When God sent the plague of death that killed the first born child of every home in Egypt, death did not touch any home of God’s people (Exodus 11:4-7).

If you belong to God you have no need to fear of what is happening around you. A thousand can fall at your side and 10,000 may fall at your right hand, but it will not come near you! God has given his angels command to watch over you in all your ways (Psalm 91:11-12).  So stand on that word. Speak that word day and night. And then you will be prosperous and success no matter what evil is sent your way (Joshua 1:8).

Now, if you don’t belong to God and want these protections, you can transform your life right now. Just ask Jesus to come into your heart and take over your life. Ask God to fill you with his Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth.

This is how Jesus lived on earth. The Holy Spirit led Jesus to say and do only what God did and said. And because Jesus was obedient, the miracle working power of God moved through him. That power not only saved him from attempts on his life, but in times of famine, it empowered Jesus to feed and heal all those around him. Today that same power is available to you. But you must give up your life and way of doing things and take God’s abundant life and let his word and Spirit lead you along your path of life . . . and when you do, you will have heaven’s abundance of grace, protection and provision supplying your every need regardless of what is happening around you.

Listen to these examples of how God supernaturally provided daily needs and wealth to those who did things his way instead of the “common sense way.” Check out this podcast entitled In Pursuit of Super Heroic Enduring Faith

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