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Today’s Word From God: “REPENTANCE”

During the wee hours of this morning, the Holy Ghost woke me up with these words, “REPENTANCE.” It was like a flashing neon sign in the spirit realm.  The Lord reminded me of all the prophecies coming forth about how we are to “get ready,” “destruction” is coming to America. God says that almost everyone and everything is out of order. He is trying to move us out of our comfort zone and into position for what is coming upon our nation. Many are refusing to change. REPENT!

It is not God’s desire that anyone perishes, so He is telling all men, especially those of the household of faith, to repent. Repentance is more than feeling sorry for what you have done. Repentance is a sincere recognition of your sin against God, and your determination to never do it again. Repentance is a change of mind and a change of heart. It results in a change of behavior. It is righting a wrong and making amends with both God and mankind.

Repentance requires that we recognize the truth about our thoughts and behaviors, that they are not godly or loving. Then repentance also requires that we forgive ourselves and those who have offended us. Repentance realigns us with God, so that His Blessings can flow into our lives, even when destruction is all around us. Otherwise, we remain in the curse of lack and suffering. Recognized God’s Truth (His Word) and Repent today!

God’s Truth Is Our Shield and Buckler. He Will Cover Us Under The Shadow Of His Wings, IF we abide in His Truth (Psalm 91).

God Is Transferring Wealth Before Christmas 2016!

Beloved, the word of the Lord is loud and clear. The Kingdom is about to reclaim trillions of dollars out of the world system, and God will be transferring that money (and property) to His people. Several leaders from around the world have been coming to the U.S. confirming what God has been saying all along. Specifically, there will be an uprising among people of color. It will be an “Awakening of Financial Power for the Body of Christ.” “It doesn’t matter who is elected to the White House,” says God. “This is my time to exalt My Kingdom in the midst of those who think they know where this nation should go.  My covenant with this nation stands, and I will honor My people in this season. I will honor those who honor me. The Babylonian system of America has fallen, yet not all have eyes to see what is about to happen on your shores. It is a drastic change of EPIC proportions, like nothing that has ever been seen in this world. This is My Time To Shine. It is My Time To Show My Love and Compassion to those who are earnestly seeking Me. Your help will not come from a new president. It will not come from any politician. America’s help will come as it always has come.  It has come, and will continue to come from Me,” says the Lord. “I am the only hope for this nation. I have chosen this nation for My Glory and that shall stand in this season. You shall see My Glory as I place it upon My People and let them shine for the world to see. This has always been my plan for America. It shall come to pass, and no man can stop ME,” say Almighty God.

There you have it. God has spoken, let the church say AMEN! Keep your eyes and ears open to God, and Him only, and you will find yourself in your wealthy place. Also note, that wealth and power is not coming in the typical places one would expect. God is using the foolish things, the things we hate, the uncomfortable situations, to bring about His Glory. He wants to see if we can see past the messenger to receive the Glory. Therefore it is the glory of God to conceal a matter in the strangest places, but it is the honor of kings to search a matter out. Seek the Wisdom of God.

Thus says Wisdom of God, “I traverse the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of justice, that I may cause those who love me to inherit wealth, that I may fill their treasuries.” Proverbs 8:20-21

Pray For Your Enemies, Their Destruction Is At Hand!

The Spirit Of the Lord has an urgent message for His People.


We are in a season of judgment. It’s a time of the Vengeance of Our Lord against our enemies. It’s also a time of great Blessings for those obedient to God.

We must pray for our enemies because God’s wrath is against them for what they have done against us. In our covenant with God and His Son Jesus Christ, we have a promise that God would bless those who bless us and He would curse those who curse us. Simply put. When we are obedient to God’s call for our lives, God will Bless those who help us in our mission for the Kingdom. He promises to curse those who hinder us in our obedience to God.

“Great destruction” is about to hit our nation, says Almighty God.  “It cannot be stopped.” The leaders of our nation have led America to the brink of destruction with their strife and division, and the spewing of hatred in the ears of the public. The only hope for America, is the Blessing that rests upon the obedience of the People of God.  Therefore, we need to obey the words that Jesus spoke, “Bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:44-45).” 

People of God, obey God for the sake of this nation; for the sake of the Kingdom!

Can God Overturn His Judgment of Death?

Even in judgment, God will hear the prayers of the repentive heart. Hezekiah was told to set his house in order. God told him that he was about to die, but when Hezekiah humbled himself in prayer to God, death was removed from him. Hezekiah was given another fifteen years to reign (II Kings 20:1-11). God said, “If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them (Jeremiah 18:8).” Jonah was sent to Nineveh to declare the word of God to overthrow that nation. The people of Nineveh believed God, from the greatest to the least of them. The King of Nineveh proclaimed a fast, and they cried out mightily to God. “And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not (Jonah 3:1-10).” How great it would be if President Obama declared a day of fasting and prayer before God? Would God not hear and spare us as well? He is a just God. He is no respecter of persons, on a respecter of an honest and pure heart that turns to Him in prayer. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land (II Chronicles 7:14).”


Beloved, it pains me to release today’s prophecy, but the Lord has commanded me to do so as a documentation of things that are coming upon America. The Lord sent me to this nation specifically to warn the leaders of eminent danger coming to America. It was first documented in my series The War Journal (1999-2010) Volumes I & II. Everything the Lord has given me to write and speak has been to prepare the nation, and to instruct both the church and the nation’s leaders on how to proceed for the safety of the people. Unfortunately, the messages from God have not been heeded. In fact, in my obedience to God, I have incurred undue persecution, especially from President Obama. The Lord has had me address him with these issues, but nothing has stopped Mr. Obama from his continued efforts to suppress those of us who are trying to protect the people of this nation. According to God, the President has stooped to using “Militaristic tactics” against women and children who are simply trying to protect American lives. Christian leaders have been sent to the White House. We have been praying for the deliverance of Mr. Obama. He has been warned repeatedly that millions of lives are at stake because of his tactics against God’s people. Mr. Obama refuses to listen. God has now declared judgment against Mr. Obama that will have adverse affects on the nation and its people.

According to the Lord, “it is too late to pray” to prevent the plagues of evil that are starting to come forth. The only refuge will be found in God’s Kingdom and the relief projects He has ordained for this hour. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama had done all in His power to keep many of those relief organizations from going forth. “Therefore,” says Almighty God, “the blood of the America people falls squarely upon President Barack Obama (and those in league with him), who had within his power to prevent even a single life to be lost, but he instead choose to support his candidate in the 2016 Election to the hurt and harm of the American people. This is not a political statement,” says the Lord of hosts. “This is a declaration of war against the disobedience of a nation’s leader. My Hand is poised against this nation because of one man’s decision to forsake his oath before the nation, and his vow before me to exalt his own political agenda. My wrath is also kindled against him because of his deadly plots and schemes against my people whom I have sent to help him protect and care for this nation.” “People of America, your leaders have forsaken you, but I, the Lord your God will never leave you nor forsake you. Turn your hearts to me and let me heal your wounded hearts and bring peace to your souls. I have provided only good things for you, but for you to partake of that good, I must have your heart. I require obedience. I am Love. I Love requires obedience. That is all that is required and you will live in my peace, with days of heaven upon this wicked earth. Turn, while you still have breath, and I will lavish you with my love and provision, like none other can.”

Here is the original prophecy that has been sent to President Obama on multiple occasions since it was received in May 2015.


“President Obama, it’s time,” says God. “The National Day Of Prayer Is A Political Farce, While America’s Darkest Hour Is Before Her. I have humbled great rulers and mighty kings. I can and will humble you with plagues greater than those that took down Pharaoh. It is not my desire that any one is harmed, but you hold their fate in your hands. You see, I have ordained you as leader over my people of this nation. All power inherent in your office comes from me, Almighty God. I once had both your heart and your ear, but you allowed political pressures and compromises to turn your heart away from me and from my will for the people. America’s greatness came from me. Don’t be fooled. It is by my power that a nation stands. I love America more than you could ever know. I have a great and mighty plan for both her deliverance and for her ascension in the world, but it all depends upon you Sir. Are you willing to be my Cyrus in this hour, my champion of the poor and destitute; the man of the people whom I love? Or are you satisfied being a political pawn to mobilize a political party in position for the next election? Have you forgotten that it was I who placed you in office, for not one, but two terms? You have heard my voice, but have yet to follow my instructions. Don’t fear what men will say or do, for the lives of millions are at stake. Step forth, for this is your call to lead the people back to their safe place in me; to bring America back to what made her great. That is why I chose you, that is why you still stand in office this day. Heed my voice. Know that I don’t want anyone to experience harm, but as a holy God, I do require obedience. Obey my voice, Seek my guidance in everything and don’t be afraid to obey. Be Bold. Be Brave, and I will exalt you in ways you could never imagine. You have been chosen for this hour, for such a time as this; Do not fear, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be bold and courageous and I will indeed exalt you in this hour!”

Prophecy Received 5/10/15 BY PAULA MATTHEWS


Whose Voice Are You Obeying?



There are many voices, but only two sources; either God or Satan. Which are you listening to? Which are you following? Whose path and plan is unfolding in your life today? Don’t like the results of your life? Then change course. Change the voice and the source of your information and you will find a new path; a higher level of living in a more pleasant place. Let God direct your steps and you will find the Path of Life. In His presence is the fullness of joy. At His right hand, are pleasures forever more (Psalm 16:11).

God Issues A Red Alert And Call For Prayer!


God has issued A Red Alert For America and the Nations of the world! For America, The Lord is calling for earnest prayer for specifically for President Obama. Whatever is about to happen in America has everything to do with what’s going on now in the White House. Various prophetic words from God have come across the nation this week, all saying the same thing. We need urgent prayer for the deliverance of President Obama and the first family. The Lord says that if the President does not get delivered, He (God) will forceably remove him from office. What does that mean? God did not say. But He did say that our nation’s enemies had us in their cross hairs and it is because of what is going on now in the White House. Pray Urgently for President Obama.

No one wants to see either the President, his family or any American hurt, Please Pray!

One Nation Under God? Not Yet! But It’s Coming!

Beloved, The Lord gave me a strong word concerning America. In the eyes of the world we are a nation that professes to be under God, but in reality, we won’t even uphold godly values. “This is an abomination” says the Lord. “America stands as a nation of hypocrites in the eyes of the world. They do not practice what they preach. They desire to conquer the world, yet they will not conquer the evil that pervades their hearts. It is the evil within that will destroy them. Their defilement like a badge of honor is proudly displayed upon their chest. I will not have my name associated with defilement. I will make my name known in America. I will make my name known to the nations of the earth. I will not be mocked in the land that I set aside for my kingdom good. I will turn it around” says God. I have a people in the land, a chosen generation of those who will honor me. They will honor my name before all America and before all the people of the earth. My Will shall be done in America. My will shall be done in all the earth, as I have determined in heaven from the foundation of the world!”

Please understand. America is not a Christian nation. We are a nation that has many Christians, but as a nation we do not profess to be Christian. We use Christian words, phrases and values to describe who were are and what we stand for, but that does not make us Christian. A Christian nation is one that serves Almighty God. In America, we serve ourselves,  . . . but that is about to change. Our nation is about to be shaken to its knees. God is about to do a work in the United States that will cause the nations to run into the kingdom. It’s time. Jesus is about to return.


Our Time Of Judgment Is Here!

Beloved, our times and seasons are indeed in the Hand of The Lord. For we have not created ourselves, nor have we determined from the beginning of time the ways of man on earth. And yet, most of us think we are in control of our lives. We speak of freedom not knowing what it entails. We think we do, but alas we do not. People all around America are talking about the Supreme Court ruling concerning gay marriage.  Here is God, the Father’s view of what we are seeing in America.

“It goes far beyond gay marriage,” says God. “It is about the consequences that accompany the choices you have made. I love you. I am a good father that cares for my creation, no matter how far you have strayed from my perfect will for your lives. My love still remains the same. You think that I desire to restrict your freedom, and yet my only purpose for sending my son was to set you free; to free you from the spiritual captivity that has plagued and overtaken this earth; to truly free you to be all I created you to be. You think you know freedom, but yet you have never experienced it, nor will you experience my kind of freedom until you yield to my Spirit and to my plan for your life. You see, there are demonic spirits that are waiting to cease your souls for an eternity. There are principalities and rulers of darkness who don’t love you, but who desire to lure you into pain and suffering far beyond this world. Repent, turn from doing your own thing and follow after me. I love you. I have great things in store for you; things far greater than anything you could ever imagine for yourselves. That’s the kind of God I am. I love you. I want to preserve your lives so that you can spend an eternity in my house, eating at my table and enjoying the fruit of being my loving child. That is all I ever wanted for you. Turn your hearts back to me,” says God. “For there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it only brings pain, heartache and ultimately destruction and death. I sent Jesus to give you life abundantly. Reject my son, and you reject me, but my love for you will never change. Know that. I am the Eternal Father whose loving kindness remains no matter what you chose, but I cannot violate my own word and spare you from the destructive course you have chosen. And, alas, I have called this my Season of Justice; to reward every man according to the persistence of his heart. Where is your heart? It is with me, or is it focused on what you want. I have given you choice. I have set before every man the Blessing or the curse; life and death; I exhort you to choose life so that you and your offspring can live. So that you can thrive during these last days and truly experience what I had planned for my creation from the very beginning; Days Of Heaven Upon The Earth!”

A Tsunami Of Blessings For God’s People

Beloved, The Lord has been quoted scriptures and bringing them to life in our day. Heed the word of the Lord. For that which was only words on the page is now coming to life in your day!

“Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God’s Decree. “Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for my people.”

Amos 9:13-14 The Message