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Are You Ready To Meet Jesus Face-To-Face?

This is a question the Lord had me ask the Body of Christ in America. Jesus has completed His work and now God is waiting for the Church to do its part. Every believer has been called to a specific assignment in this world. Jesus cannot return until that assignment is completed. So, I ask this question again, “Are You Ready To Meet Jesus Face-To-Face?’

Many so called “Christians” go to church, but they have never gone to God the Father for a personal relationship, for a daily communion with the Father and the Son about their assignment in this life. Instead, they go to church, but are not walking in the faith. They still act carnally like people who do not know God.

Why were you saved anyway? Do you know, O’ Christian? It was never about going to heaven (even though that is part of it). It was always about living days of heaven upon this earth. That is why Jesus came. He wanted you to live the life that Adam forfeited in the Garden of Eden. How did Adam forfeit that heavenly life on earth? He decided to do his own thing instead of obeying God.

Beloved, if you call yourself a Christian you are in essence calling yourself a “Little Christ.” Are you like Jesus in your thoughts and your ways? You know, Jesus only did and said what the Father told him to do and say. Is that you? If not, then repent today. Receive your forgiveness for doing you own thing in this life (Isaiah 5:21) and start listening to the Holy Spirit to guide you (John 16:13) into the Truth. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6). You cannot get to God without Him. Do it today!

“Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.” Proverbs 3:7″


New Leadership Is About To Emerge In America!

Several years ago, we began prophesying about God raising up new leadership in America, and now the Lord says it is time. He has been speaking to me about why he must choose new leadership not only in the church, but also in business and government in our nation.
America has a long history of giving lip service to God, but our hearts have been far from him. In a vision, he showed me how he has been calling many into leadership, but they have not responded. The word of the Lord fell upon deaf ears. These men and women were more interested in securing their own positions, gaining riches and pleasing other people. Consequently, they never answered the call. Thus says the Lord, “There are those whom I have pursued who have denied me, but a people whom I did not call will arise. For they will recognize the need and hear the cries of the people and will seek me for an answer in this hour. These are my new leaders; those with a heart for the people and a concern for others, that is the passion of my heart. These are those whom I will promote and honor, not because of what they have done, but because of how they have responded to the needs of my people. I am Almighty God, and I will honor those who honor me and who honor the people whom I love.”
The Lord concluded this word by telling me that the emerging leaders have the same spirit as those who covenanted with Him at our nation’s founding. “These are the few, the chosen and the faithful.” God pursued Israel, and he is still waiting for them to turn to him, but  a few men and women in America, pursued after God. They covenanted with God and it delighted Him. That is why God will not let this nation fail. That is also why God is raising up leaders who will obey him. He has a promise to fulfill to his covenant people in our nation; and so it shall be, world without end. Amen.

Are Your Words And Thoughts Acceptable To God?

Beloved, very early this morning, the Lord had me interceding for the Body Of Christ in America. And, I saw many people ready and willing to obey God, but then some happened that caused many, if not most of them to fall away. God’s people were dropping out like flies. So what happened?

When they stepped out to obey God, they experienced something unexpected. They were met with a harvest of bad seeds that were sown with the words of their mouths. For every pastor they criticized, for every leader they spoke evil about, for every evil word they had spoken over anyone, anywhere, for all the envy and hatred they felt towards another, they reaped a great harvest of evil.  Many were in shock that the harvest was so great. They were stunned to the point of not being able to move forward.

Here is the message of the Lord to his people: “Repent! For the words of your hearts and the meditations of your hearts are not acceptable to me. I have promises that cannot come to pass in your lives because of the thorns and the thistles you have cultivated in your hearts. Clean your hearts. Purify your minds and walk upright before me. Put away offense. Put off lustful thinking (covetousness). Put on righteousness and walk in it. Pursue peace with all men and holiness. Without holiness you cannot see me. I have chosen you for my purpose, not your own. Repent. Turn your hearts back to me and my purpose. Walk worthy of that purpose and all will be well with you in this life and in that which is to come.”

There you have it! God is calling his people to repent for what they have thought and said against Him and against others. You say you haven’t thought an ugly thought or said an ugly word? Think for a moment. Have you spoken against the President or against any other politician? Have you ever spread an ugly story from the news or from the tabloids or from internet social media? If so, you need to repent. Man sees the outer appearance, but God judges what is in our hearts. If you have seeds of bitterness, envy, jealousy or hatred, now is the time to uproot those seeds before they produce a harvest. God will not be mocked, whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. This is harvest time!


A Perfect Heart Is A Covenant Keeping Heart

The Eyes Of The LORD Run To And Fro Throughout The Whole Earth 
Looking For Perfect Hearts.   
II Chronicles 16:9


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