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The Time Of “The Train Crash” Is Here!

Beloved, God is about to shatter the stronghold of rebellion over the United States. The leaders of this nation have habitually chosen corruption over righteousness. Consequently, our nation will be judged “guilty” for rebellion against God. According to the Spirit of God, concerning President Trump, “He won the election because he was the only candidate who would fight for the nation and fight for righteousness.” God called former President Obama to fight for righteousness, but he chose corruption instead. According to God, “His final years of leadership wreaked of extreme corruption for which he and the nation have been judged.”

God is taking America back from the hands of the enemy and setting her and her people free from the tyranny of the past. The Lord has declared for America:

  1. “It’s time to return to righteousness.”
  2. “It’s time to restore God’s Kingdom in the earth.”
  3. “It’s time to manifest America’s covenanted destiny in God!”
  4. “I have a covenant to fulfill with the remnant of believers who stand in faith for the deliverance of the United States. It is for them alone, that I spare this nation until the Gospel, the True God is preached in America, with sign and wonders to follow. America must be saved. It shall not be utterly destroyed,” says God. “I will spare a remnant who will demonstrate my power to the world . . . and then the end shall come and my son will return to reclaim His earthly throne.”

It’s time for the “The American Train” to collide with Jesus the Rock. There will be death and destruction for those who refuse to change. Yet, on the “Life and Abundance Train,” will be wealth, prosperity and everlasting peace. God has declared this to be the time of “The Great Divide Between Rebellion And Righteousness.” The world will know that there is a God in America, and that He alone is Almighty!


God Delivers An Urgent Message Of Judgment for America!

This Is That Which Was Prophesied!

Beloved, there is a movement happening in America and it’s not like anything that has happened anywhere in the world. God has sat down upon our nation! The Spirit of God fell with power upon the 2017 Inauguration. Whether we like it or not, God anointed Donald J. Trump as President. This is a Move Of God to turn America back to RIGHTEOUSNESS. It’s not about the election. It’s not about Donald Trump. IT’S ABOUT GOD’S COVENANT WITH OUR NATION. This is God’ season to fulfill what He agreed that would happen in our nation. Thus says Almighty God, “I cannot be stopped.” 

What has God been saying all along? He wants to uphold His Blessing in America, but to do so, we have to turn our hearts back to Him. We must get away from the slave mentality and step up as Kings of God’s Kingdom.  Instead of depending on America’s government for healthcare, or benefits, we need to Bless our nation with God’s unlimited prosperity. That only happens when we obey God. Obey God, and His goodness will overflow in our nation. Prosperity will flow again in America. Peace will flow again in America. Love will overtake hate in our nation. Why? GOD IS LOVE. It is WHO HE IS. LOVE GIVES, and that is what He wants to do in America, if we let Him.

So what should we be doing in this hour? Instead of protesting in the streets we need to be praying in our closets. We should be asking God what He has for us to do in this hour? God wants to raise America above the other nations in wisdom, wealth and innovation. Even higher than we have ever seen before. This is not the time to be angry of sad. It is time to rejoice. God’s abundance is ready to be poured out upon those who would be obedient to Him!

Here are some reminders of what God prophesied.

The Glory Of The Lord Is Moving In Our Midst!

God Is Raising The Bar For Leadership

No Man Can Serve Two Masters: Serve God Only!

The Spirit of God says there is a “famine of leadership” in our nation. Those in leadership who are not listening to God are blind. Therefore in America we have the Blind leading the blind, and both are about to fall into the ditch.

Concerning Black people in America, God says that most, even in the church, are willing to stay in their “state of slavery.” It’s as if they have given up hope on achieving anything other than what the system tells them they can have. The American System as become their slave master, and as the Lord said before, Obama and Clinton are enforcing that slave-master relationship by creating a “welfare and entitlement program dependent people.” They have permanently categorized a group of people as “poor.” This government has placed shackles on the people that can only be broken by the Spirit of God. This is so extremely demonic because it is subversive. It looks like it is helping on the surface, but the end result is detrimental and degrading to human beings that God loves.

Those who are Christian cannot be labeled as poor without it insulting God. There is an inheritance awaiting them that includes wealth, but they have been told a lie. They are being forced to believe a racist message of poverty that is not true. It is the same message that was forced upon slaves in this country; to make them forget the wealth of their mother land; to forget that they were descendants of kings; and to degrade them to the point that they had no hope of being anything other than what the slave master told them they could be. Nothing has changed in America. The same message is being reinforced to turn the people against God. While God is trying to give Blacks wealth, the American government is offering them welfare. While God is calling them kings and priest, the American government is calling them poor. The tactic is clearly seen. It’s a racist message of America, one that most Blacks have received, while ignoring God’s message that would bring them into freedom and inheritance.

Politicians do all in their power to keep Blacks thinking like poor disadvantaged people. The American culture echoes the same message. Black entertainment offers the same degrading themes of black women and men as whorish drug dealers and thieves, while brainwashing others to believe that Black people will never become more than criminals, rap stars, tawdry singers, ballers, fighters and every thing that is low and undignified in society. There are great thinkers and inventors among us today, but they get very little attention. Even with the Obama’s in the White House, the state of mind of Black people is still in slavery. How could this be? When the Obama’s turned against God, they made it all about themselves. They promoted themselves. The success of leadership is when you have created other great leaders, with even higher credentials than yourselves. It’s a parenting effect. The next generation should be significantly better under a great leader.  Great leaders inspire even greater leaders. Where are those leaders? What happened?

The Lord said, that “Black people, in particular took the easy way out. Instead of standing and achieving the greatness God desired for their lives, they aspired to reach the status quo. They chose to follow another master, the slave master that rules over America; the American Culture.” “But there is a people in the land,” says God, “who will stand tall above all others because they will achieve what no man has ever achieved. They will go beyond the limit of human reason and touch the impossible and bring it into this earth realm. They will traverse all races and cultures with their inventions, creations and ideas, because they don’t see division of race or of cultures or of political parties. They see only God and His plan for all mankind.” “And they will not come from the Ivy leagues or from the grand positions that humans admire. They are coming from the lowest most disdained places in society and will be raised up above all men, not because they desire to be great, but because they desire to end the pain and suffering they experienced in those low places. They are not about self, but about the welfare of others. They want to see change in the human condition, and they will not give up until their desire is fulfilled. They will be used mightily in the Kingdom Of God, not because they see themselves as great, but because the cause of God in their lives is more powerful than life itself. These are the Sons of God, arising in the earth!”


In Defense Of Donald Trump And Bill Clinton, God Speaks

Evidently the sexual issues we are hearing were meant to come in the forefront. God is speaking about America moving forward IN HIM, but in order to do so, these sexual issues must be dealt with properly.  “They can no longer be used as political gain,” says God.

Here is what the Lord is saying, “Leaders are chosen for what is in their hearts. Do they have an ear to hear my voice when I speak on the behalf of My people and on the behalf of all Americans? Voters look on the outer appearance, but I the Lord your God, look  upon the heart. For it is the heart of a man that determines his success in this life. A pure and honest heart is desired, but I will take a man on credit. All he has to say  is that he desires to have a pure and honest heart, and when he walks in that direction, no matter his past, I will hear him and I will empower him to walk in what I am commanding for the good of the people. Integrity is what I require. Integrity is not perfection, but a willingness to be transparent before your God and before the people. It means having the same values and speaking the same thing, even when no one is watching. A man or woman of integrity will do right by the people and by your God. These are the ones I choose, and when My people continue to pray, when My people continue to obey my voice instead of the voice of man, then I will exalt both them, their nation and their leaders,” says Almighty God.

The Lord showed me the hearts of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Their hearts were very similar concerning the care and suffering of God’s people.  In fact, the Lord reminded that during the sexual issues of Bill Clinton’s presidency, he submitted to a group of men of God. As President of the United States, Bill Clinton knelt down and submitted himself to God. Donald Trump made a similar commitment before running for office.  Some of the most powerful men of God who walk in integrity have been meeting and supporting Donal Trump from the very beginning. They are not doing it because they approve of the man’s past or present actions, but because they are obeying God. So, according to God, both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Trump have placed their sins under the Blood of Jesus. Anyone bringing them up again, simply does not understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They simply don’t know God and have never truly understood why Jesus came.

Now, concerning the Obama’s and Mrs. Clinton, they have another spirit. God has been sending numerous men of God to the White House to bring the sexual sins of the Obama Administration under the Blood, to no avail. The President will not submit, even amid reports of 20,000 plus troops who are claiming rape within the military. Even as the DEA, the Secret Service and the FBI have been investigated to find evidence of sexual impropriety. God has placed these and other cases before President Obama, and they have been virtually ignored. Women and children, and our service men and women are suffering at the hand of this Administration, and for Barack Obama point to finger and say he is disturbed that men and women are still supporting Trump, is hypocrisy. It just proves that President Obama, Michelle Obama, nor Hillary Clinton know God. They don’t have His heart. God is trying to clean up our nation, and it begins by cleaning out the dirt and receiving the forgiveness and grace of God. Then, will God be able to heal our land.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”                    II Chronicles 7:14

God Is Raising The Bar For Leadership


Something exciting is happening in the earth! The Lord gave me a brief glimpse of a New Breed of Leadership in the world. In the spirit, I saw the entire world with all it’s billions of people. All of a sudden, a people arose among the people. They kept arising until they looked like giants among men. This was a group of men, women and children of extraordinary stature. They had more money, more wisdom and more power than this world had ever seen. Then I heard the Lord say, “I cannot be stopped. This is my will and I shall bring it to pass.” I also heard the Lord say of these new leaders the same that He said to Solomon, “I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee. And I have also given thee that which thou hast not asked, both riches, and honour: so that there shall not be any among the kings like unto thee all thy days (I Kings 3:12-13).

When will they appear? “Now,” says God. “My sons are arising in the earth now!” This indeed is a NEW BREED OF LEADERSHIP; bolder and brighter than others who came before them. These are the Children of Light, destined to destroy the darkness of this world! This is Kingdom Transformation 2016!

Where Have All The Honorable Men Gone?

The Lord gave me a vision that epitomizes the American mindset concerning honor. In the spirit, the Lord was directing men to go here and go there. He was telling them to help this person and go help that company. Every one of them heard the voice of God, but no one moved in obedience. Some said, “Yes, Lord,” but they never obeyed. Others made excuses for why they could not obey. Some were even bold enough to tell God, “Not now, next month.” Many more people were distracted by politics, the news and by the world of entertainment. Everybody heard God’s voice, but no one was listening . . . and according to Almighty God, each and everyone had a petition before his throne. They were seeking an answer to prayer, yet they saw no connection between their obedience to the voice of God and receiving answered prayer. Everyone and everything was out of order; way out of Kingdom order. It seemed like God was not answering prayers, but that was not the case. God said that he sent many people to answer the prayers of others, but no one obeyed. Everyone he called on, refused to obey. They were somewhere else doing something else. Meanwhile, the answer to their prayer was in the place they were told to go.

Here is what the Lord said, Americans honor Him with their lips, but their hearts are far from him. We claim to be Christian, but we won’t even obey Christ. He says he is about to do a work in America, one that God calls a “SHAKE DOWN, so great that it will get the attention of the world. The wisdom of your wisest men will come to nought, and that which was done in the darkest of secrets will be exposed to the world. Some will be caught with their pants down. The truths that have been hidden will be manifest in MY LIGHT. This is My Hour of Vengeance. I will expose every secret and repay every man for his work. I will honor those who honor me, but those who despise me and my word, will be ashamed in this My Day of Vengeance and Recompense. I am a God of Justice and in this hour justice will be served according to heaven’s rule. My people have petitioned My Court and I will repay them for the injustices they have endured at the hands of evil men. I will repay them all, both the good and bad, for what they have done in secret and before men . . . and after My Justice is served in the earth, I will finally get the honor due my name, not only in America, but from all the nations of the world. For this shall be a marvelous work that I will do in America, one that will shake the world and turn the hearts of men back to me. I AM Almighty God. I have declared it this day and so it shall be, world without end, AMEN.”