The Glory Of The Lord Is Moving In Our Midst!

People of God, The Glory Of The Lord is moving in our midst. Miracles are happening. Wealth is transferring. The Light is overtaking the darkness. Don’t be moved by the protesters and the naysayers. They don’t know God. They cannot see what the Spirit is doing. It’s a Marvelous Thing! It’s a New Thing! But, be careful. Tread lightly, for the thing you curse with your mouth, may be the very thing that is carrying the Blessing you have prayed for. Your promise is not coming the way you think. God is sending it a more difficult way. You must go past the demons that have surfaced and see the Blessing that has stirred them up. Satan is retaliating, because God is taking control of our nation.

The Lord prophesied that when He came in this season, even the Church would not recognize Him. This is indeed a New Thing. Here is an excerpt from The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume I, that explains what is going on in this season.

“Year 2007: A Day Of Rest For The People Of God, Journal Entry 2/14/07   (Times of Visitation Missed)
During prayer, the Lord showed me that the church is in total ignorance of who He is.  They have read about and sang about the Lord, but will not recognize Him when He shows up in the coming season.  Many in the church miss God because of their religion and arrogance.  Some have been in the church so long that they think they know all there is to know about God, and yet they know nothing. It was if the Lord will use their blind spots to hide the open doors before them.  I saw that many hearts were hardened against God and they were destroyed utterly and completely.  How sad to be confessing a promise of God and then miss it because you were too stubborn to obey God.  So many will believe the lie of Satan over the truth of God and this deception will cause them to forfeit the promise.”

Don’t miss your time of visitation. Don’t follow the masses, listen to the Spirit of God. Continue in His Word, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free (John 8:31-2).

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