God Delivers An Urgent Message Of Judgment for America!

Beloved, here is a prophecy the Lord began showing me for months now. Yesterday, he finally gave me the full meaning of what is to come upon America.

Two Trains

I saw what seemed to be two video tracks playing.  And I say video tracks, but they were also, visualizing in the spirit, they looked like train tracks, and two different things. I saw the things that were happening on the earth, things that were happening day-to-day.  And I saw another one, which was based on what God was saying. I heard him speaking things; things happened. I heard him moving things, things happened. He said, “Let there be this.” It happened. I saw him speak abundance.  I saw him speak health and deliverance. It was happening on this one train track which was “Life And Abundance.” Now on the other track was another train that was everyday life in America. People were shooting. They were killing. They were deceiving. And they were just going on and on. The word’s being preaching but it’s like nobody’s hearing. They’re just going on and on. And then the Lord showed that down the track was what looked like a stonewall. Now here is the crazy thing. The stonewall was on the track for both trains. The side that was attached to the world; meaning the track where the world was going, it was a stonewall with no opening. Which means it was coming at fast pace and was about to hit this wall. On the other side, where the train of “Life And Abundance” was, it was coming to the same spot, but where it was coming in there was an opening, like a tunnel, and it was meant for the train to go straight-through. So I asked the Lord to identify what it was.

He said that the stonewall, (of course we know Jesus is the Rock, the rock of offense) is the same thing that offends mankind, is going to be our judgment in the end. And that’s the Word of God that Jesus spoke. But the train that the world is on, was headed for destruction since Adam sinned. So the people who are living according to how they see and how they feel or how they think, according to the news and politicians, that’s getting ready to crash. It has to crash. And everybody on there, the Lord showed in the vision, died. It hit and derailed sharply, and everybody on the train died. The other train passed thru the stonewall because there was an opening, and it was safe. Now the tracks were the words we believe. The one was the world’s word versus God and His Kingdom Word. And the Stonewall is the word of God that’s going to judge us all. For those who are on God’s train and His abundance of life, you’re going to go thru without a problem. It’s those on the other track that are about to be derailed and destroyed. And the Lord said, He sent it to save the world from destruction, but in America . . . nobody is trying to get on the life train in America because we don’t see the value in it.  Nobody sees the roadblock at the end, yeah they were told that they would be judged by the word, but nobody is really paying attention. But Jesus came to give us abundant life, and the people rejected that life so the only thing that’s left is death. And people in the church have been taught that it’s about going to heaven. That’s not it. Yeah, for those who died before Jesus gets back, yeah they will go to heaven for only a period of time. But if you read the entire Book, and especially the Book of Revelation . . . Revelation 21 talks about the heavenly kingdom coming down from heaven and residing on the earth. Jesus always talked about ruling and reigning upon the earth, never about going to heaven and ruling and reigning. No! It was always about bringing heaven to earth. And so the church has been taught a distorted gospel. So, the way they look at it, it’s all about getting out of here, getting out of this evil world before it’s destroyed, and we’ll be safe in heaven. No! It’s about rescuing those who are about to be destroyed, getting them in the kingdom so that they can be safe, and then ruling and reigning on earth. Yes, there might be a period time in heaven, but at this point, we are at the end. Which means Jesus is going to come back and it’s going to be over. For those who left before us, yes, they are waiting for Jesus’ return and the holding place is heaven. But heaven is coming to earth and that is what we are supposed to prepare for. So the judgment that is coming in this season is not a final judgment. It’s judgment for the purpose of bringing us back into God’s place.

The Lord also explained to me in prayer, that when America crashes, and it shall crash according to God’s word, the church will think this an indication that Jesus is about to break through the clouds in the glory of His Father. It will not happen like that. Not yet. America has not heard the true Gospel message yet. The church has not heard the message yet. For Jesus to return, the Gospel has to be preached and demonstrated to every creature. Many leaders in the church believe that America will be completely destroyed, so they are not trying to preach the truth. “Not so,” says God. “I have a covenant to fulfill with the remnant of believers who stand in faith for the deliverance of the United States. It is for them alone, that I spare this nation until the Gospel, the True God is preached in America, with sign and wonders to follow. America must be saved. It shall not be utterly destroyed,” says God. “I will spare a remnant who will demonstrate my power to the world . . . and then the end shall come and my son will return to reclaim His earthly throne.” The Lord says that what we are to experience in America is only a preview of what to expect when Jesus returns.

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