2014: The Year Of Open Doors For The Body Of Christ

“Behold, I have Set Before Thee An Open Door, And No Man Can Shut It”
Beloved, the Lord has given me glimpses of that which is to come in the following days, months, even in 2014 and beyond. I will share what he has shared so far, and will continue to share more as the spirit gives me utterance. I cannot help speaking the things I have seen and heard (Acts 4:20), for this is the reason God has called me and ordained me. 

The Lord showed me a great and powerful door that was unsealed and it began opening in heaven.  As that great door opened in heaven, there was a spiritual reaction that occurred upon the earth. Multiple doors of opportunity, even a multitude of doors began opening for the Body of Christ. Things that were once impossible had now become possible. The heavens were wide open over the Body of Christ, but not all could see. Not many could even recognize the doors that had been opened to them. This mighty move had to be discerned by the spirit. Those who had eyes to see moved as the Spirit moved and the people of the world rejoiced.  For the oppression of poverty, sickness and famine had to loose its grip on the lives of the masses as the sons of God moved in the earth. Yet, as the doors opened to these sons of God, there were many powerful religious adversaries in the church. Men and women of position in the church began to oppose that which God was doing in the earth.  It did not come the way they thought it should have come. It did not come through the people they thought God should have used in this last day; therefore the “men and women of God”began plotting deadly schemes against the works of God to retain their own positions in the sight of men. They waged a powerful battle, but they could not win; for they opposed not men, but found themselves opposing the Spirit of the Living God.  Some repented and relented. Others lost their lives and died in their sins, separated from God for all eternity. They did not rightly discern the Body of Christ nor the Spirit as he moved amongst them. 

Great unparalleled promotions have been orchestrated by God. He will set some up while setting others down. For God has opened doors that no man can shut and he has shut doors on others which no man has the power to open. 

This is the word of the Lord as he has shown me in multiple visions and dreams. There is more to come as he identifies those he calls “The Spiritual Dream Team.” These are the members of Body of Christ who continue to walk by faith and they refuse to deny the power vested in the Name of Jesus! God is about to transfer the world’s wealth and power transferred to this Dream Team and they will transform the world! There will be turbulence as darkness increases in the earth, but for those who move as the spirit moves their lights will over take the darkness and produce great rewards.

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